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   Chapter 1251 A Little Fatter

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"What on earth are you saying? Linda Xia!" Rosy questioned through gritted teeth.

"This is the hand that's going to be amputated, isn't it?" Linda questioned back as she lifted Rosy's left hand up.

Suddenly filled with fear, Rosy shrunk back, but Linda had a tight hold on her hand.

"What are you doing?" Rosy shouted. "What are you afraid of? Aren't you proud of yourself? You even managed to kidnap Cindy."

"Let go of me," Rosy snapped, shaking her hand.

Linda let go of Rosy's left hand, and Rosy relaxed. But the very next moment, Linda grabbed her right hand. Then, Rosy heard the small metallic click of the dragon ring opening.

"Let me tell you something. Whatever I want to do to you, I will never do it on the sly. Unlike you, I'm not a coward or a hypocrite."

After finishing her words, Linda pointed her dragon ring at Rosy's right hand and slashed it with the little knife.

In an instant, blood began oozing out of the cut.


What the hell are you doing?!"

"Didn't you falsely accuse me of poisoning you? I'm just making your words come true. Now, I'm poisoning your other hand. Then, both of your hands will have to be amputated."

Linda stood up and got ready to leave after intimidating Rosy. Now that Cindy had been rescued, she didn't think there was any need for her to waste any more time with Rosy.

But Linda's words and actions had driven Rosy over the edge.

'Linda Xia, you've gone too far!' Rosy thought to herself. She had already been frustrated after hearing the doctor's suggestion to have one of her hands amputated. But just now, Linda had hurt her other hand as well with the knife on the dragon ring. Rosy felt panic at the thought of having to get both of her hands amputated.

Her right hand trembling in pain, she was overwhelmed with fear and anger.

Feeling her hatred for Linda skyrocket, she gave in to her base emotions and took out a gun from her pocket.

She had brought this gun with her only for protecting herself when necessary, and had never intended to use the gun to kill anyone. After all, the modern society was a constitutional one.

Besides, the hospital was crowded with people. Rosy would be in big trouble if she killed Linda with witnesses around. However, something unexpected happened.

While Linda was walking away, she suddenly felt a great surge of shock on her back.

Then, she heard the ear-splitting sound of a gunshot, and her entire body was thrown forward.

Linda was completely taken aback by the tremendous shock. When she looked back, she was shocked to see Ros

d her?" she asked.

"Young Master has been remotely monitoring the situation here from abroad. He made use of all his personal connections to find out some clues about Cindy's whereabouts. I'm sure that the Nalan Clan wasn't behind this kidnapping.

From what I understood about the Nalan Clan, it is absolutely impossible for them to kidnap Cindy without leaving any evidence."

Linda nodded to show that she'd acknowledged this information, but she didn't care about it right now. She wasn't in the mood to investigate this kidnapping at all. After what had happened earlier, all she wanted to do was to teach Rosy a lesson.

Meanwhile, in the private hospital of the Nalan Clan, Rosy was still lying on the floor.

Patricia, whose body was shivering in fear, hurriedly bent down to help Rosy get up.

"Why? Why couldn't I kill her even with a gun?"

Rosy questioned in a loud and angry voice. It had stunned her to see Linda looking back at her even after getting shot. Rosy just couldn't believe that Linda was still alive.

After all, she had no idea that Linda had been wearing a bulletproof vest.

"Rosy, get up first. The floor is very cold," Patricia said, trying to pull her up.

"Let go of me! Is Linda Xia a monster? Why didn't the bullet kill her? Why is she still alive? I shot her with my gun!"

Rosy roared while fiercely flailing her arms around.

"Perhaps Linda was wearing a bulletproof vest,"

Patricia responded. She had observed Linda carefully when Linda's body had been thrust forward by the impact of the bullet.

Seeing that Linda hadn't been hurt at all by the gunshot, she had sized Linda up. At last, she had realized that Linda looked a little fatter than she was.

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