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   Chapter 1249 Three Things

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"Why? I didn't kidnap Linda's so-called sister, Cindy. Why should I admit to something I didn't do?" Rosy asked, confused.

Instead of responding to Rosy at once, Patricia wordlessly stared at her.

Then, she slowly stretched out her hand and placed it on Rosy's shoulder. Without breaking her gaze, she asked, "Rosy, do you want to take revenge? Please trust me once again if you want that to happen."

Rosy, who had been bearing grudges against Linda, surely wished to settle the score.

Thus, she nodded at Patricia without hesitation.

"Even though I have no idea about what you plan to do, you can do whatever you want to as long as it will help me take my revenge."

Rosy then said into the phone and ordered the steward, "Report to my father what Patricia has said."

On the other side of the line, the steward said simply, "As you wish, Lady Rosy."

After hanging up the phone, Rosy stared at Patricia. At this point, the thought of taking responsibility for a crime she did not commit was starting to sink into her. She felt hesitant and a bit regretful about her decision.

She had rashly agreed with Patricia's suggestion when Patricia told her that it would help her with her revenge. But after more careful thought, she wondered why she had to admit to something that she had not done at all. After all, she did not kidnap the person in question.

Rosy suddenly realized how stupid she had been to agree to do that.

"Tell me right now what on earth you intend to do. Don't screw me up," Rosy questioned with an angry tone.

"Rosy, let me ask you one question. What will you do if you've really kidnapped Cindy?"

After pondering over it for a while, Rosy replied, "Without a doubt, I will make use of her to carry out my revenge and threaten Linda."

"Right," Patricia nodded in agreement. "Now that we've clarified that your purpose is to threaten Linda and get back at her, whoever the kidnapper is doesn't really matter. Meanwhile, whether you've kidnapped the person or not isn't important either. What matters is that we can realize our ultimate objective. Don't you think so?"

Patricia carefully held Rosy's hand.

"Look at your hand. We all know who did that to you."

Staring at her hand which had badly swollen, Rosy was suddenly reminded of all the pain she went through recently and was enraged all over again.

"Yes, that bitch Linda Xia hurt me. I have to take revenge on her and make her suffer the same pain I have felt."

Meanwhile, the steward of the Nalan Clan was whispering to Lenny, "My Lord, Lady Rosy said that she kidnapped Linda's sister. She told me that Linda could go to the hospital to find her if she wants to see Cindy..."

would not have a reason to explain to Charles.

"Don't worry," Linda reassured him.

Dragon respected Linda, so he put his gun away without saying anything more.

Soon afterwards, he turned away.

Seeing that Dragon was leaving, Rosy directed a triumphant smile at him.

Dragon did not make a fuss about it since he thought that this woman was a fool and not worth his attention.

Right after walking out of the hospital, he went to find the Mu Security Team who was assigned to monitor the transmission of the wireless communication device on Linda. He would have to personally monitor what Linda was saying, in order to respond instantly in case that anything happened inside.

With the wireless communication device, he would be able to rush inside to save Linda if something endangered her safety.

"Rosy Nalan, you're very satisfied now, aren't you? Where is Cindy?"

Linda asked while staring firmly at Rosy after Dragon went out of their view.

"Linda Xia, do you think I will let go of her so easily? To save her, you must do three things. Only after that will I let go of her."

Rosy stared at Linda with a smile on her lips as if she had won already.

Calmly, Linda asked, "Tell me. What do you want me to do?"

"First, you have to kneel down and apologize to me. You shouldn't have been challenging me."

Rosy uttered her first condition for Linda to save Cindy, with noticeable hatred in her eyes.

Linda threw a glance at Rosy upon knowing the first condition. Although Rosy's condition was too absurd for her, no expression showed up on Linda's face. At last, Linda asked, "Go ahead. Tell me about the other two things that you want me to do."

"I am still thinking over the other two things. Right now, kneel and apologize to me first,"

Rosy replied.

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