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   Chapter 1248 Her Sister Is In Our Hands

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"What are you talking about?" Lenny was totally confused.

"Don't act like you didn't know anything!" Linda gave him a cold glance.

Lenny laughed at Linda, confidently. He was not intimidated by her presence in the least bit.

"Perhaps you have forgotten exactly where you are, Linda. This is the Nulan Clan estate. You are standing right on my property, and I can sue you and your entire group of people for trespassing or anything I see fit! You're really walking a fine line here Linda, so I suggest that you behave yourself!"

Lenny did not mince any words with Linda.

Despite Lenny's posturing, Linda remained confident. She was not the least bit intimidated by him.

Linda and Lenny had a messy relationship that was strained from the beginning.

The most important thing for Lenny was to control the Nalan Clan, and all the power and wealth that came with it. Being Linda's uncle was of no consequence to him. Once Linda returned to the Nalan Clan, he immediately viewed her as a threat to his power.

For Lenny and Rosy Nalan, wealth and power were the most important things.

It was just impossible that Lenny and Linda would ever get along.

"Breaking into your house? I'm afraid you've totally forgotten that it is also my home, Uncle Lenny. Do you still think you're the only one who controls the Nalan Clan?"

Linda said, trying to keep herself calm.

She did not want to have anything to do with Lenny. If anything, Linda was totally disgusted with her uncle, and she did not like the idea of meeting with him, at all.

However, she did not have much of a choice, but to deal with Lenny now. Cindy was in their hands, and Linda had to make sure that she was safe. For Linda, the most important thing now, was Cindy's safety.

"Lenny, I don't want to deal with you, any more than I have to. I'm sure the feeling is mutual, so let's make this quick. Give me back Cindy, and I will leave this place. If she is harmed in any way, I will turn the Nalan Clan upside down!"

Linda stared straight at Lenny, as she spoke. She did not flinch.

Hearing her words, Lenny coughed, and cleared his throat. He motioned for one of the servants to come to them.

One of the servants approached them.

"My Lord!"

"Call Lady Rosy and ask about the whereabouts of Cindy. Do it now!"

The servant wasted no time in doing as Lenny said.

In the Nalan Clan's private hospital, another drama was unfolding.


e recovering very well now. So you can have these."

Hearing Patricia's words, Rosy's spirits were lifted, significantly.

Just at that moment, the sound of a ring was heard.

It was Rosy's cell phone.

The steward of the Nalan Clan was calling her.

Rosy felt annoyed. In her condition, she did not feel like dealing in any kind of official business.

It was Patricia who urged her to take the call. "You better answer it. It might be important."

Rosy decided to take the call. Patricia was probably right.

She took the call, with her loudspeaker turned on.

"Lady Rosy, it is Lord Lenny. He is demanding whether you had a certain person kidnapped."

"What are you talking about?"

The servant began to narrate how Linda had broken into the Nalan Clan's house.

"Lady Rosy, did you kidnap Linda's sister?"

the steward asked hesitantly.

Linda and Lenny stood in front of each other. The situation was tense, and neither of them moved.

"Am I insane? Why would I do something like that? No one has the right to question me about such things. Where's the evidence that I did that? I admit that I don't like Linda, or her sister at all. But I am in no shape to kidnap anyone. I'm in the hospital recovering from my wounds!"

"All right, Lady Rosy. I am sorry to bother you."

At this moment, Patricia interrupted their conversation.

"Hold on. What exactly is happening?"

"Linda now has broken in the Nalan Clan's residence together with some people. They said they wanted Linda's sister back because we kidnapped her."

"All right. Now you can tell Linda that her sister is in our hands."

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