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   Chapter 1247 I Was Careless

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Linda was amused by Paul. He was stepping out of the room even before he finished speaking.

"Okay, off you go."

"Yes, My Lady. You must take good care of yourself. Whenever you go out, please make sure that you take Dragon with you. We've heard that the Nalan Clan is planning something against you," Paul said with a serious expression and then he left the room.

Linda tilted her head. She wasn't planning to go anywhere at the moment. Charles wasn't with her and she wasn't in the mood to leave the house.

There was literally nowhere Linda wanted to go on her own.

Therefore, she spent all afternoon spending time with Little Tomato and Little Potato.

It was quite enjoyable for her to keep them company. Both Little Tomato and Little Potato were growing fast. They were now able to talk briefly and walk clumsily.

The two kids were fast learners. Much to Linda's surprise, they could even have simple conversations with her.

Occasionally, they would misunderstand her sentences. However, they managed to make themselves understood perfectly.

After her lunch with Little Tomato and Little Potato, Linda felt sleepy.

She'd had such a relaxing day. Linda slightly yawned and gently rubbed her eyes.

Standing in the sunny yard, Linda looked up at the clear sky; she could feel the gentle breeze against her cheeks. It was neither too hot nor too cold. It was just the right weather for her to take a quick nap. The thought made her smile. Linda put a lounger in the center of the yard and decided to sunbathe for a while.

One considerate servant saw her lying on the lounger and quickly brought her a light silk scarf to cover her eyes.

In this way, Linda wouldn't burn her eyes in the direct sunlight. The soft touch of silk made Linda emit a contented sigh. She lay back in the lounger and quickly fell asleep.

The yard was silent. The sweet scent of flowers was carried afar by the breeze.

However, Linda's peaceful nap was interrupted abruptly by Dragon's anxious voice.

He woke her up by tapping her gently on the shoulder and said, "Please wake up! Something bad has happened! Cindy has gone missing!"

Linda opened her eyes. Dragon's words rang in her ears like a shrieking alarm clock. Her mind was mushy as she'd just woken up and was completely shocked by the news.

"My Lady, did you hear what I said? Cindy has gone missing!"

Dragon worriedly stared at Linda's blank face. Getting no reaction from her, he reached out his hands and shook her gently by the shoulder.

Linda looked up at his face and asked in a shaky voice, "What's going on? How did Cindy go missing? Where is Paul?"

"Paul is at the hospital. We had an emergency. He was attacked and has several deep wounds on his back. The doctors are now struggling to save his life."

The overwhelming news almost made her collapse. Linda took a deep breath and tried to remain calm.

However, she couldn't control her

r lives!"

"Aiming for your lives?" Linda gasped with huge surprise. Something was wrong here. Why would the Nalan Clan want to kill them? It didn't make any sense. What was in it for them to kill either Paul or Cindy?

Their end purpose should be her, Linda.

"I don't get it either. Earlier on, Cindy and I were dining at a restaurant. We had a quiet lounge to ourselves. However, during the meal, I constantly heard a weird sound. It was some kind of short beep sound."

Linda's eyebrows furrowed. Beep sound?

Had it been a bomb?

Paul continued, "I was in the army for many years, so I know all kinds of drills. I'm quite familiar with the sound of bombs. So, the weird sound in the lounge caught my attention and I started searching the whole area. Soon enough, I located a time bomb under Cindy's seat."

"What did you do then? Did you leave the site unhurt, or were you intercepted by someone and ambushed there?"

Paul gave her a bitter smile. "We couldn't leave. The time bomb was deliberately put there for us. They knew we were coming and were well-prepared. One careless move and the bomb would have been triggered. The consequences were unthinkable."

Tears started to gather in Paul's eyes. He was really worried about Cindy.

Linda looked away. Her bloodless face was a reflection of how broken and shattered she was. However, she comforted him with a stifled voice. "Don't worry. We will find Cindy shortly. She will be all right. I'm sure of that. Cindy will be all right."

Since Paul was hurt, Linda didn't want him to worry too much. Right now, his priority was to look after himself and recover from the stab wounds as soon as possible. She couldn't afford to lose his support when she needed it the most.

Just then, Linda heard her phone ring. She took a glance at the screen and saw that she was getting a call from Charles. After the phone call, Linda hurried to the Nalan Clan's residence and confronted Lenny.

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