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   Chapter 1246 Spread A Piece Of News

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Once Paul received the order from Linda, he moved quickly. He headed for the hall that was packed with real journalists and Linda's own men pretending to be journalists. Paul then ducked behind a corner where he issued a secret order to Linda's fake journalists.

Each of the fake journalists wore a small receiver behind their ears. The receiver was small and easily concealed, so no one could hear what Paul was telling them.

"Lady Linda has an order. All of you must spread this piece of news. The news is..."

The fake journalists moved quickly and spread the piece of news, just as Paul had said.

"Oh, you know what? Recently, I've heard that the Young Master of the Nalan Clan is going to get married soon. From what I can remember, the woman that he is about to marry is Patricia Zhuo. Have you heard about this?"

"Of course, I have. I've also heard that Patricia Zhuo's family was rich, but compared to the Nalan Clan, one of the giants in SH City, this woman's clan is hardly worth mentioning. How she managed to hook up with the Young Master of the Nalan Clan is just beyond me!"

"I heard that Lenny was rather dissatisfied with this woman at the beginning, but later, his attitude towards her changed."

"Well, I also heard something about the Nalan Clan. It is said that the baby in Patricia Zhuo's belly is not Master Devin's. I can't confirm this bit of information, so it's best you don't reveal this!"

"Ah? Really? That's really unbelievable!"

All the reporters were caught up by the spicy news and rumors that Linda's bogus reporters spread. They were all hooked by the bits of news about the Nalan Clan and Patricia. Like piranhas to blood, the reporters found the juicy tidbits of news and gossip irresistible. They were so caught up in the news that Linda's moles spread that they completely forgot to interview Linda.

When Linda thought that the journalists' appetite for news had been whetted enough, she decided to come out from where she was hiding. It was best that she showed herself this way, so as not to arouse the journalists' suspicion that she was the one who had somehow spread the news leaks.

Seeing Linda coming, all the journalists fell silent and all eyes fell on her.

"Is everyone done with your breakfast?"

Linda asked. She smiled from ear to ear now, and she was very satisfied with her men's work.

"Yes, we have. Thank you, My Lady."

"The breakfast is very delicious. Thank you!"

Linda took a seat and said in a very confident voice, "Okay, everyone. Don't hesitate to as

ntinued to ask Linda many questions, and she answered them all patiently.

The twenty-minute time limit was stretched to thirty minutes. Linda wasn't surprised at this, but she would not stay a moment longer with these reporters. She asked her security team to escort the reporters out of the villa.

Linda had been polite and more than generous with the time limit of the interview. She had to show the reporters that the Mu clan was hospitable and cordial, but only to a point. In the end, they would still have to follow her rules.

Of course, the rules were made by the master of the Mu Clan.

After the journalists left, Paul came back to report to Linda.

"My Lady, you are so clever. I believe that Patricia, Rosy and the whole Nalan Clan will be more than a little annoyed after reading the news reports."

"Hmm. Did you conduct any investigation to confirm if the baby in Patricia's belly is Devin's or not?"

Paul shook his head while replying, "I have arranged the investigation, but I don't think we can get the examination results so fast. Don't worry. I think we can find out the truth tonight. I will inform you as soon as I get the results."

Linda nodded with approval.

Paul was still his usual efficient self, but Linda noticed that he seemed a little distracted. Paul was no doubt thinking of Cindy.

"It's okay, Paul. You can go to Cindy."

Upon hearing Linda's words, Paul felt embarrassed and scratched his head.

With a faint smile, he uttered, "My Lady, I am sorry. I have to leave now. I have agreed to go to the amusement park with her. I'm almost late for our date. Cindy must be waiting for me anxiously. Thank you for your consideration, My Lady."

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