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   Chapter 1245 Pressure From Public Opinion

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9677

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The whole room fell silent.

Linda and Charles stayed quiet. They created this silence and they were quite comfortable in it.

While hugging each other under the bed sheet, the two of them enjoyed their tranquil and wonderful time together. Linda immersed herself in the warmth of the faint sunlight as it seeped through the window.

Linda and Charles hardly argued.

They enjoyed such quiet moments like this. The two of them had been faithful to each other in their relationship, and they both felt such moments were their just reward.

They had already been married for quite some time, but Charles always doted upon Linda. Linda was always his priority.

She was more than happy to be married to Charles.

"Honey, I will miss you very much when you go on that business trip."


"Honey, will you miss me?"


Charles replied, while stroking Linda's hair with his slender fingers.

Linda was annoyed upon hearing Charles' short reply.

She didn't appreciate Charles' short and simple reply. She slapped him on the chest hard. Charles felt her palm on his chest, and flinched. "Ouch! Of course, I'll miss you, honey!" he said.

This day passed quietly without incident for Charles and Linda.

In the early morning of the following day, Charles got up and headed to the airport. When Linda woke up, Charles had left.

She reached out her hand to feel Charles and found that no one was beside her. Charles had left for his business trip.

Linda sighed with frustration.

It would be two weeks before she would see Charles again. Linda was already starting to miss him.

She slowly got up from bed, and when she was about to begin her usual morning routine, one of the servants approached her.

"My Lady, My Lady! I apologize for this sudden interruption, but you must hear this. A big crowd of entertainment journalists are swarming at the gate. They say that they want to interview you. What shall we do? Shall we drive them away?"

Linda still held her toothbrush in her hand when she heard the distressed servant's news.

She was not surprised that this was done by Rosy. What she was shocked about was that Rosy would act so fast against her.

Like vultures descending upon a fresh carcass, the journalists came upon them right after Charles had left. They were a very opportunistic lot, eager to grab hold of any story.

"No, don't drive the journalists away. How long have they stayed at the gate?" Linda asked.

"They've been out there for almost half an hour now. I hesitated telling you about them earlier, as I did not want to interrupt your morning routine. I apologize for this bit of urgent and bad news, My Lady. They arrived just as Young Master had left."

The servant's words only confirmed what Linda had already known.

"Hmm, let them in."

Linda allowed the journalists to come into the Mu Clan's villa. She did no

e there to spread favorable ideas about her. This made the potentially unruly mob of reporters a lot easier to handle.

Linda's prepared breakfast only made her look even more favorable in their eyes.

Before and after breakfast, Linda's "reporters" in the crowd spread the good word for her.

Linda was not unfamiliar to the rules of the game. She knew that public opinion was one of the most important tools that someone in her station should never ignore. She also knew that to wield such a tool, she had to mold it constantly, to make her always look favorable. This was merely another opportunity to do that.

Patricia tried to sway public opinion against her, but Linda was ready. She would make sure that Patricia would not be able to do it.

Linda also got some more important news.

The piece of news was not really official news, but a rumor at best. Linda could neither confirm nor deny it, but she knew that it would be a valuable weapon against the Nalan Clan. It could only make them look even worse in the eyes of the public, and Linda knew it would be valuable.

Linda could still remember when she bumped into Patricia and Rosy at the shopping mall. She jokingly remarked if the baby Patricia was carrying really was Devin's. It was a joke, but Patricia and Rosy seemed to squirm at the mere mention of this. Linda realized that she could use this against them.

As Paul was about to leave, he was stopped by Linda, who said, "Ask them later to spread some more news that the baby in Patricia's belly isn't Devin's."

"Okay, My Lady."

All the men who disguised as journalists among the crowd had been specially and professionally trained in the WSS Organization. They were totally competent and reliable, and would follow any order, to the letter. Right after receiving Paul's order, they started another round of heated discussions which led to even more heated debates among the journalists.

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