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   Chapter 1244 Used To The Way Rosy Treated Her

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Patricia was used to the way Rosy treated her, so she wasn't shocked at all at how rude Rosy was being toward her. In spite of her grudge against Rosy deep in her mind, she walked closer to her, devoid of any expression on her face.

Once again, she maintained her composure to comfort Rosy. "No matter how angry you are, you have to eat something. Right?"

"I've lost my appetite. The doctor told me that my hand has to be amputated. Do you know what 'amputation' means? I will be handicapped and my whole life will be screwed up if I undergo the amputation."

Rosy got up from the bed and sat there with tears in her eyes. She had never looked so miserable before.

She'd been having a fever for the past few days and her hands had swollen up. During this time, she had been given intravenous therapy all day long, so it had been more than a week since she'd taken a shower.

Now, the weather was getting hotter and hotter.

Standing beside Rosy, Patricia felt an unpleasant smell enter her nose.

Thus, she unknowingly covered her nose with her hand.

"I know that you're worried about undergoing an amputation. But now that you've no choice, worrying is pointless, isn't it? Others will make fun of you if you are in low spirits. In particular, Linda will feel pity for you if she finds you in such a pathetic condition."

Rosy was irritated as soon as Patricia mentioned Linda.

In a flash, she sat up from the bed.

"Linda Xia is just a bitch. I don't need her pity. She doesn't have the right to irritate me."

"Yes, Linda Xia is a bitch. It's all because of her that you're here in this hospital. I think she has to pay for this, doesn't she?"

Patricia was playing along with Rosy.

"How can I make her pay for this?"

"That's easy! We can torture her with public opinion. Since your father has no good way to deal with the Mu's Group, we can take advantage of the media to put pressure on Linda."

This morning, a big crowd of journalists had swarmed the hospital to interview Rosy, who had been scared of them. She had wondered how the journalists had known that she was ill in the hospital. But because of her great hatred for Linda deep down in her mind, she'd scolded Linda and put all the blame on Linda in front of the journalists.

Preoccupied with her complaints against Linda, she had forgotten to find out the reason why the journalists had unexpectedly come to their family's private hospital in the first place.

Now that Patricia had mentioned the media, this question came to Rosy's mind again.

With a puzzled look on her

willing to spare two weeks to negotiate with us about the project. But I am really worried about you this time."

Linda wrapped her arms around Charles, taking in his scent.

"What are you worried about? I've always taken good care of myself every time you went on a business trip."

"I'm afraid that Rosy will do something bad to you."

"Don't worry. She can't hurt me. I won't let go of her easily if she dares to stir up any trouble against me."

"Things aren't so simple this time. I won't be worried at all if she confronts you directly. But I'm afraid that she'll play some dirty tricks on you on the sly. You might be unprepared for that. As we know, an open enemy is better than a false friend."

Charles kept his head lowered while speaking to Linda. His eyebrows were tightly knitted and there was a worried look on his angular face.

"There will be no chance for them to play any dirty tricks. The men of the Mu Security Team are always on guard near the Mu Clan's villa. Moreover, Dragon always accompanies me when I go outside."

Charles nodded in silence.

Linda wasn't afraid of Rosy at all, because she thought that Rosy wasn't smart. As far as Linda knew, Rosy easily believed in what others said.

In Linda's opinion, Rosy just looked beautiful without any value.

Instead, Linda felt that she should watch out for Jessie.

She intuitively sensed that Jessie was the most dangerous, while Rosy was a mere pawn in Jessie's hand.

Linda admitted that Patricia was a little more clever than Rosy, but she wouldn't be able to harm her either.

Although Patricia didn't pose much of a threat to her, Linda deemed that she should stay cautious and vigilant to avoid any problems.

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