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   Chapter 1243 You Are So Stupid

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On her way to visit her grandfather, Linda was preoccupied with thoughts on how to find some clues to prove what Patricia had done to Rosy.

She was bothered that she was being accused of having harmed Rosy.

"My Linda, you're pulling a long face. What's wrong? Tell me,"

Richard, Linda's grandfather, said to her in a very loud voice when he caught sight of Linda.

Dressed in a sports suit, he looked healthy and walked steadily. No one who saw him for the first time would believe that this old man had received some major surgeries before.

He had just come back from his fishing. In one hand, he was carrying a small bucket of fish, and in the other, he was holding a long fishing rod. He was trotting toward Linda.

"Grandfather, did you go fishing?"

"Yes, I did. Look, I caught three fish today. We can cook soup for Little Tomato and Little Potato with these fish,"

Richard responded while smiling from ear to ear. He showed Linda the bucket in his hand as if he was showing Linda some invaluable treasures.

"That's great!"

Linda's compliment made Richard burst into laughter. Then, he asked, "Do you have anything to talk to me about?"

Richard handed the bucket to the servant who had been waiting there for him.

"No, Grandfather, I just came here to visit you."

Linda was telling the truth. She was just paying a visit to her grandfather. For the sake of her grandfather's health, she didn't want to share anything unpleasant with her grandfather.

She definitely wouldn't reveal anything upsetting about the Nalan Clan to her grandfather.

As for what Rosy had done, Linda was firmly determined to find out a way to punish her.

She still couldn't forgive Rosy for trying to murder Richard.

She wanted to legally punish Rosy and Lenny. However, Linda thought that now was not the right time to make Rosy and Lenny pay for what they had done.

"No? Don't lie to me. I read the news reports this morning."


"Recently, I've been having some blurred memories from time to time. I often remember things, but most of the times, my memories are too vague..."

Linda just stayed silent, and before she could reply, her grandfather continued, "Girl, I'm too old to deal with anything for you. I am confident that you will handle everything well on your own. I will stand by your side all the time. However, I hope that you won't push them to the brink of death."

Staring at Richard, she saw his eyes glistening with tears of sadness and disappointment.

Did her grandfather see who had pushed him into the pond?

Was he clear about who the plotter behind his accident was?

Without a doubt, Linda knew every detail of this plot, but she had never had the guts to expose the truth to her grandfather. In the meantime, s

. I won't let go of you if you can't heal the wound on my finger. Why should the Nalan Clan pay such a high salary to you if you're good for nothing?"

Patricia paused for a few moments before she walked ahead.

When she reached the door of Rosy's ward, she saw a glass injection vial being tossed out and falling on the ground in front of her, breaking into pieces with a loud bang.

All the nurses inside the ward were scared out of their wits when they saw this sight.

"My Lady, are you okay?" a nurse asked Patricia with concern.

Waving to the nurses, Patricia said, "It's okay. You can leave."

Although her heartbeat quickened upon seeing Rosy in this crazy state, Patricia made every effort to calm herself down.

The nurses heaved a sigh of relief after knowing that they could leave now. Immediately, the nurse standing at the front pushed the door open, and then all of the nurses behind her fled in panic.

The whole morning, these nurses had been badly tortured by Rosy. Rosy had asked all of them to promise to her that they absolutely wouldn't perform an amputation on her finger. She believed that her finger could be healed. But her request had seemed daunting to the nurses. Even the doctors couldn't assure to Rosy that they could treat her wounded finger without an amputation. So, it was impossible for the nurses to swear to Rosy that her finger could be healed.

After shutting the door, Patricia walked over to Rosy and said, "Rosy, eat something first."

Right now, Rosy was feeling annoyed to death. Looking at Patricia's slender and fair-skinned hands, she glanced at her own ones, which had swollen like pig heads. She felt even more annoyed.

"No, no, I don't want to eat anything. I don't want to see you today. Get out of my sight right away!"

Rosy waved Patricia off after finishing her words very rudely.

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