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   Chapter 1242 Hope The Accident Is Known By More People

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Little Tomato was trying to call her mom while she had her dinner. She was so cute!

But Little Potato refused to let Linda feed him now. He preferred to hold a small spoon and eat by himself. He was so happy doing that.

Linda gave Little Tomato another spoon of tomato soup and asked, "How can it be so severe?"

"It says that she has a fungal infection. The result is sepsis," Paul said.


Hearing this, Linda nearly let the spoon in her hand fall to the ground.

She'd heard the word "sepsis" once before.

Linda still remembered how, in her sophomore year at university, one of the students in the same grade as her had had sepsis and died.

The main reason was that he hadn't obtained the right medical treatment.

At that time, that student had been working really hard and studying for long hours in the library. So, there had been something wrong with his spine and lumbar spine.

He had always felt pain in his neck and lower back.

So, he had gone to a massage parlor to get an acupuncture treatment.

Soon after that, he had gotten a fever. When it had lasted for more than a week, he had assumed that he had caught a bad cold virus. At that time, he had been preparing for the College English Test-6, so he hadn't paid much attention to his symptoms, thinking that he would be fine as long as he took some medicine.

But in the end, he had been so sick that even emergency treatment couldn't rescue him.

"But, Paul, why are you telling me these things about Rosy? As far as I'm concerned, she has nothing to do with me, even if she dies!"

Linda felt that it was very odd that Paul had come to tell her some news about Rosy without Linda even asking him about it.

"My Lady, everyone is saying that it's because of you that Rosy got infected and got sepsis."

"Because of me?" Linda was really surprised and confused.

What had she done to Rosy?

"Yes. Do you remember that day you taught Rosy a small lesson with your dragon ring? Wounds like that can result in fungal infection..."

"Damn it!"

At that time, Rosy had tried to hit Linda, so Linda had wanted to teach her a lesson.

But could R

hen, she turned to Paul. "How do you know that Rosy was doing that to help Patricia? We know Rosy very well. It's impossible for her to help Patricia for no reason. She must have some secret scheme in mind."

"You're right. Although we haven't been in touch with the Nalan Clan for a while, Young Master has told me to always pay attention to what is happening in the Nalan Clan."

"I see. That's good. I'm going to pay a visit to my grandfather."

Linda hadn't visited Richard for a whole week.

Ever since the aged man had woken up, he had a memory loss.

Every day, he practiced Tai Chi in the yard, went fishing, or went out for a walk. He seemed to be enjoying his life as a retired man.

Linda was also happy to see that.

But now, things had changed. There was another person involved in the Nalan Clan.

Linda had always had the feeling that Patricia wasn't as simple-minded as she looked.

This time, Linda could not prove that Patricia was the one who had done something to Rosy, leading her to have sepsis.

Just the CCTV video of her calling the TV Station and informing them about Rosy's situation wasn't enough; Patricia could simply explain that away.

She could claim that she'd done it to help Rosy and that she had wanted more people to know about this event so that the person who had hurt Rosy could be punished.

Linda could work out many excuses for Patricia even without asking her about it.

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