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   Chapter 1241 She May Need An Amputation

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Devin had come to visit Rosy too. Patricia saw him when she arrived at the gate of the hospital, and overheard him talking on the phone. As soon as Devin had walked into the hospital, Patricia burst into tears. The sense of helplessness made her feel so weak that she had to squat on the ground for support.

Patricia was simply a woman who craved for love and affection. Besides, she really loved Devin.

It was true that she had tried every means to marry Devin, but she had not expected him to treat her so coldly like this.

'Why is he so indifferent to me?

Did I do something wrong?' Patricia wondered.

Suddenly, someone patted her on the shoulder from behind. Patricia turned around and looked up at the person with tearful eyes.

It was Jessie.

Jessie offered her hand to help Patricia stand up. Seemingly concerned, she asked, "What happened to you? Why are you crying here?"

As Patricia stood up, she could not help but eye Jessie's attire. Jessie was wearing a khaki business suit and high heels. This made her look even more beautiful and elegant.

Patricia felt insecure when she compared herself to Jessie.

She averted her gaze and replied, "It's nothing."

Patricia quickly wiped the tears from her cheeks with the back of her hand.

"If you run into any trouble, just let me know. I said I would help you,"

Jessie said as she took out two napkins from her bag and offered them to Patricia.

"Don't cry in front of the hospital. There are so many people here. If they see you crying in public, they'll gossip about you. Now that you're pregnant with Devin's child, it's only a matter of time before you marry him and become a family member of the Nalan Clan. As a person of status, you must smile in front of others instead of crying."

When Patricia had calmed down a bit, Jessie took her to a coffee shop near the hospital. Inside, Jessie requested for a VIP private room and ordered a cup of coffee for herself and a glass of juice for Patricia.

As soon as their orders were served, she started to probe. "Well, can you tell me what on earth happened?"

"Did you know that Devin has a secretary named Mamie?" asked Patricia.

"How could I know that?"

An indifferent smile suddenly crept over Jessie's face. She did not expect that Patricia would care so much about Devin.

Patricia even knew the name of Devin's private secretary.

"When I got home yesterday, I saw Devin and his secretary come out of the house. He was happily talking and laughing as he turned a blind eye to me. When they passed by the flower bed, the secretary suddenly fell to the ground..."

Jessie, who was getting a little impatient, interrupted Patricia, "Get straight to the point!"

"Devin was on the phone with the

omeone to kill you! I swear I'll make you suffer a lot!"

All afternoon, Rosy was in a state of frenzy.

Lenny could not bear seeing her so miserable, so he asked the nurse to give her a tranquilizer. As a result, she fell asleep quietly.

Afterwards, Lenny came to the yard next to the hospital. Leaning against the fence of the yard, he could not help sighing deeply.

Without doubt, Rosy was his beloved daughter.

Thinking that such a cruel thing would happen to her, Lenny felt very sad.

'How could Linda be so wicked?

We haven't fought each other for some time.

Why is she being troublesome now?' he wondered.

While Rosy was asleep, Jessie sat beside her bed, deep in thoughts.

Rosy's inflamed hand caught Jessie's attention. She felt that Rosy's infection was indeed very strange.

However, knowing Linda's straightforward character, she had a hard time believing that Linda had poisoned Rosy secretly.

If Linda wanted to make Rosy suffer, she did not need to use such a dirty trick which could damage her reputation.

Jessie had always felt that a plot was being hatched behind the scenes.

In an instant, a familiar face appeared in her mind.

She was not the only one who planned to stir trouble.

When Jessie thought of this, a beautiful but cold smile appeared on her face.

She certainly hoped that the conflict between Rosy and Linda would intensify.

In the morning, the sun was shining brightly.

Having breakfast in the garden, Linda was feeding Little Tomato and Little Potato. Paul immediately came to the garden to tell her the news about Rosy.

"My lady, according to the news from the WSS, Rosy seemed to have been running a fever during the last week..."

Since Charles had sent his men to lurk in the Nalan Clan's private hospital, Linda could easily get information.

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