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   Chapter 1240 You Have To Stand Up For Me

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"My Lady, this is the eighth time that your mother has come here this month. Won't you go and meet her?"

"No, no, I won't. Get her out of my sight! Ask her to find Ronald if she needs any help. Has she suddenly remembered now that she still has a daughter? Tell her to leave right away!"

All of a sudden, Patricia flew into a rage. Her eyebrows were furrowed in anger as she raised her voice in reply to the servant's query.

This furious Patricia scared the servant out of her wits.

In a soft voice, the servant hurriedly comforted Patricia. "Okay, okay, I've got it. My Lady, I will ask her to leave just as you ordered."

In consideration of Patricia's pregnancy, the servant thought that Patricia should not feel upset, or else she would be blamed if she had a miscarriage. To ease her young lady's feelings, the servant walked out in a hurry to carry out her orders.

The servant saw that Holly was still standing outside the villa. She was shamelessly peeping into the villa through the holes on the gate as she eagerly waited for her daughter to come out and see her.

"Madam, please don't stand there looking around. Lady Patricia feels sick, so she can't receive you today. Please go back first,"

the servant explained to Holly very politely. She neither drove Holly away nor relayed any of Patricia's harsh words.

The woman in front of her was Lady Patricia's biological mother. The servant knew that she could not act rudely towards her. If she reconciled with her daughter in the future, she could not make certain how this woman would treat her. She dared not offend the mother-in-law of her master.

As long as there existed a possibility for the mother and daughter's reconciliation, she had to please and not offend the two of them so that she could keep on working for the Nalan Clan.

"Is she sick? This month, I've come here many times. From what I can remember, she is not so physically weak. Go and tell her that I have something very important to discuss with her." The servant only repeated her explanation. She told Holly that no matter what, Patricia could not come out and talk to her today. Holly was flushed with anger upon hearing that Patricia refused to meet her once again.

"What a bad girl you are! You are so heartless!"

Agitated, Holly could not help but curse her daughter again. She had been finding it hard to control her temper recently.

A few months ago, she had tried persuading Patricia not to marry Devin. Instead, Patricia insisted on using the baby in her belly as a bargaining chip. When Holly made a deal with Lenny to save her son, she had even forced Patricia to get an abortion as Lenny had requested.

In Holly's mind, Ronald's life was undoubtedly more important than Patricia's marriage.

In her opinion, there would be other chances for Patricia to get pregnant again. But a person could only live once. Without thinking too much, Holly had chosen to save her son at the cost of Patricia's marriage. After all, she was Patricia's biological mother, so she had thought that Patricia would be able to understand her decision. But contrary to Holly's expectations, Patricia took it hard. Until now, she was still bearing grudges against her.

Holly would not have lowered her pride and conceded to come to the Nalan Clan's villa over and over again if she had any other choice. Unfortunately, she only had Patricia to rely on now.

Ronald had run awa

nny, because he didn't expect to lose his job from which he could earn a decent pay.

"I will give you two days to bring Rosy's fever down. By then, you should be able to tell me the exact cause of her fever!"

Lenny was in a rush to leave the hospital after finishing his words. He still had many matters to deal with in his office. Thus, he had no time to stay and keep Rosy company.

"Father..." Rosy called Lenny in an almost inaudible voice. Her head was spinning and her throat felt very dry, but when she heard her father talking to the doctor, she desperately called for him.

After hearing a faint sound coming from the ward, Lenny hurriedly strutted inside.

"Rosy, how are you feeling now? Are you feeling better?" Lenny asked in a concerned voice.

Rosy shook her head. She still felt rather dizzy, and she had never felt so sick before.

Until now, she could still feel a sharp stab of pain in her hand which had been wounded by something sharp around Linda's finger.

Trembling, Rosy took her wounded hand out of the bedsheet. She noticed that her index finger had badly swollen like a little steamed bun.

'Why on earth is my finger swollen?

Did Linda poison me?' Rosy wondered. There was only a small wound on her index finger. She could not have felt so sick only because of a minor wound. She knew that her body was not so weak.

At the thought of this, Rosy felt rather troubled.

She directed her gaze at Lenny. "I feel very sick. Father, you have to stand up for me."

Worried by Rosy's cryptic request, Lenny probed, "What on earth happened? Did you eat something wrong? Why are you so badly sick?"

Rosy's eyes were filled with tears, which ran down along her cheeks upon hearing Lenny's questions.

"Father, I happened to meet Linda in a shopping mall a few days ago. She made malicious remarks which offended me. Thus, I wanted to slap her face to teach her a lesson. To my shock, she even hid a small knife around her finger. As a result, my hand was wounded. I am sure that there must be poison on her small knife. Look at my finger! It has been heavily swollen."

Rosy suddenly started retching as soon as she finished her explanation.

These days, she had not eaten anything, because she had been bothered by the fever and nausea.

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