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   Chapter 1239 Let Her Go Back

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Patricia pursed her lips and gave the faintest hint of a smile. This was a significant change from the long face she had, only moments ago.

"Rosy, does your hand hurt? Let me see it,"

Patricia said to Rosy.

Rosy's hand had started to feel numb. The pain had died down, along with the bleeding and swelling. However, when Patricia reminded her about it, the pain in Rosy's hand, started to act up again.

The wound did not appear large however, it was now quite painful.

"Yes, it hurts! It hurts a lot! That crazy Linda cut me with a hidden weapon, a knife, I think!"

"Your wound seems to be very deep. Give me some time to clean and disinfect it. I have some alcohol and cotton here."

Rosy took a good look at the wound. It had stopped bleeding but it was agonizing for her.

Rosy didn't like the idea of cleaning her wound with the alcohol, so she refused, "I don't want any of that stuff! It already hurts so bad!"

Patricia shook her head. "I need to put this stuff on the wound, Rosy. This will clean and disinfect it. What if it is infected? If that happens, you might have to take an amputation. That would be a lot worse."

Hearing Patricia's words, Rosy was terrified. She was just scratched and had a wound. How could she need an amputation?

"Could it get that bad?"

"It could. I read somewhere about someone that cut himself while preparing vegetables. The man didn't pay much attention to the wound. Later, it got infected and the infection spread. The man's hand had to be chopped off, clean."

Rosy was still terrified, but she stretched out her hand for Patricia to clean. She still didn't like the idea of the alcohol seeping into the wound, but she didn't want to have to get her hand chopped off. It was better to endure this, than an amputation.

Rosy couldn't believe that this happened to her. She knew that Linda hated her, but this was just too much.

Patricia took out a small box from her purse. She opened the box, revealing several swabs of cotton.

Patricia took one and started to clean and sterilize the wound on Rosy's hand.

The swab touched the wound and Rosy immediately felt a wave of pain shoot through her arm and hand. It was so painful that Rosy trembled and gritted her teeth.

Patricia tried to clean the wound as gently as she could, but there was no escaping the pain.

"Oh gosh! It's so painful! I'm dying here!"

"Relax, Rosy. It's just a little more. It will end soon, and your wound will be cleaned."

Deep down, Patricia felt happy to see Rosy suffer from pain.

She cleaned the wound as gently and as slowly as she

e woman turned to Devin and spoke. "Devin, wait for me. You're walking a little too fast." The woman's heels clicked on the ground, with each step.

Patricia stood by herself, as Devin and the woman walked away. She never felt so alone. Several servants had seen what had happened and chuckled softly to themselves. Patricia had been embarrassed.

Patricia took a deep breath, and tried to steel herself.

This was not the first time that Patricia had been shamed. She was used to this.

Patricia was not one to just crawl in a corner and mope. She would bounce back, as she always did. Everyone who had shamed or laughed at her, would pay someday.

Patricia returned to her room. As she settled down, she tried to pretend that nothing had happened. It was no use. Within a few moments, Patricia broke down, and cried to herself.

She did not give herself the luxury of crying and bawling for the rest of the day. She was still feeling down, but she tried to put up a brave front. She remembered the baby she was carrying inside of her. Stress would not be good for the baby, and she knew that she had to be strong.

Keeping her unborn baby healthy was the most important thing now.

Patricia would never allow the people who humiliated her to win.

Once dinner came, one of Patricia's servants approached her.

"My Lady, now your mother is waiting for you in the lobby. She wants to see you."

The servants respected Rosy a lot more than Patricia. It was because of her that the servants showed Patricia, even the slightest respect.

"Let her go back. I will not see her."

How dare Holly come here to see her?

Patricia could not help but tremble with anger and tension.

Her whole body started to quiver...

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