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   Chapter 1238 Make You Pay For This Sooner Or Later

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Rosy assumed an offensive posture in an attempt to fiercely slap Linda on her shoulder again, but Linda stretched her hand out with her dragon ring slightly turned upward.

Just as Linda had calculated, Rosy's hand came down on the dragon ring instead of her shoulder.

On the dragon ring, there was a small sharp knife which was about two centimeters long. When Rosy's hand heavily slapped it, the sharp knife left a deep cut on her fingers.

Rosy couldn't help letting out a loud cry in pain.

"Linda, what's that in your hand? You even dare to set me up,"

Rosy yelled.

"Rosy, are you hurt? Are you okay?" Patricia, who was standing beside Rosy, squatted down in a hurry and started checking on Rosy's wound. However, Rosy fiercely shoved her away.

"Be gentle. It hurts so badly.

I've warned you since day one to stay away from me. I feel so annoyed by you! Stop badgering me every day," Rosy roared.

Linda ignored them and waved her hand with the intention to leave.

But after just taking a few steps forward, she felt someone else fiercely bumping into her.

It was Patricia.

"What the hell are you doing?" Linda asked furiously.

Now, Patricia was pregnant. Shoving into Linda sent her off balance and tumbling down to the floor.

"Ouch!" she cried.

On the other side, Linda had also fallen to the floor, but she got up immediately. Seeing Patricia continue to lie on the floor with her face contorted in pain, an incredulous expression appeared on Linda's face.

"Are you crazy? Aren't you afraid of having a miscarriage? Haven't you been expecting to lead a good life by using this child as your bargaining chip? But now, you risked that just to hit me. Was it worth it?"

Without replying to Linda, Patricia just sobbed in pain on the floor.

Right at this moment, Paul and Cindy came out.

When they saw Rosy and Patricia, the two of them raised their eyebrows.

Rosy rushed over to Patricia right away.

"Linda, how could you do that? You even shoved a pregnant woman down. My brother absolutely won't let go of you if Patricia ends up losing his baby."

Linda was annoyed by this. After all, she was the one who had been shoved by Patricia, not the other way around. Yet, Rosy still dared to accuse her!

"It has nothing to do with me. She's the one who bumped into me. Besides, are you sure that the baby in her belly is your brother's?"

Rosy became flustered upon hearing Linda's last question.

She wondered how Linda knew that the baby in Patricia's belly wasn't her brother's.

"Well, Ro

he had decided that she would work hard for this baby, if not for her own lifelong happiness.

Hence, she had to do her absolute best to protect her baby.

Perhaps everyone had their own motives. Patricia was no exception either. It was beyond doubt that Patricia clearly knew what Rosy was planning in her mind too.

The two of them had their own reasons for what they did.

But for the time being, it was still uncertain which of them could finally benefit more from their plot.

"So what? Is that the reason why you're angry with me? I've said sorry to you, haven't I?"

Thinking about the future of her baby, Patricia thought that right now, it was inadvisable for her to quarrel with Rosy. Whatever Rosy had done to her, she would still need Rosy's help so that she would be able to keep and secure her place in the Nalan Clan.

After weighing the pros and cons, she took a deep breath and apologized to Rosy with a forced smile.

"Sorry. I'm so sorry. Since I'm pregnant, I lose my temper easily. I shouldn't have ignored you like that."

Rosy felt much more relieved and happier upon hearing Patricia's apology.

"Well, take it easy. I knew what I was doing. Knowing that you're pregnant, I only pushed you lightly. I am sure that nothing would have happened to your baby."

Patricia hurriedly nodded to Rosy without saying anything.

Then, she stared outside through the window once again. While she was gazing at the scenery outside, a wicked expression colored her face.

'Rosy Nalan, it's true that I can't do anything when you bully and humiliate me like this, so do whatever you want to. But sooner or later, I will make you pay for this!' Patricia thought to herself.

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