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   Chapter 1236 Pure And Innocent Paul

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"Of course, I agree. I'll buy as many clothes as Cindy wants,"

Paul replied without hesitation. At this point, he seemed to have become more sensible but not as dumb as before.

Whatever Linda said to him, he could immediately understand what she meant. On top of that, he was able to seize every chance he got to express his love for Cindy.

Cindy snorted and turned away slightly, but both Linda and Paul saw the brilliant smile on her lips.

"Linda, why do you join hands with Paul to bully and tease me every day? I don't need to buy so many clothes."

Cindy started switching the topic to avoid embarrassment.

"My Lady, in fact..." Paul stammered hesitantly while scratching his head.

"What's wrong?" Linda asked, noticing that Paul was blushing.

"LPI, a French brand, has a store here. They specialize in customizing haute couture dresses. I've ordered a dress for Cindy there,"

Paul said in an embarrassed tone.

"As far as I know, it usually takes more than two months to finish an haute couture dress. So, you ordered the dress a long time ago?"

Linda asked with a grin.

"Yes, I did."

Paul felt shyer after answering Linda's question. It was because of Paul's negotiation that this French brand had been smoothly stationed in this shopping mall since it had opened for business.

As soon as the store had opened, Paul had placed an order for a customized dress for Cindy.

He had ordered this dress for her for two reasons. Firstly, he still felt sorry for having hurt Cindy in the past.

And secondly, he thought that Cindy deserved to own an haute couture dress.

"I don't need it," Cindy said while shaking her head.

"What would I want a dress for? I'm used to wearing T-shirts and shorts. I like wearing comfortable clothes," she added.

Paul felt extremely frustrated that his gift to Cindy was being rejected. Right after hearing her words, his face turned a little grumpy. The truth was, Paul was like an old maid. He was straightforward and outspoken, and always meant what he said.

So, it was far beyond his capacity to understand that Cindy didn't mean what she had said. On the other hand, it was easy for Linda to see through Cindy's words. Although Cindy seemed to have rejected Paul's gift, she had a shy expression on her face, which indicated that she was secretly happy and moved to hear that Paul had specially ordered a customized dress for her.

"Well, let's go there right now to take a look at the dress that Paul specially ordered. As far as I know, a customized dress from a French brand is not cheap."

Upon hearing Linda's words, Cindy realized that it would be a waste of money if she didn't accept the dress.

In consideration of this, she nodded and

her, the store assistant, who was still waiting outside the fitting room, wanted to ask what help she could offer them, but before she could say anything, Linda motioned for her to keep quiet.

"You can go and have a rest," Linda whispered to the shopping assistant.

Even though the store assistant wondered what the two of them were planning to do, she nodded to Linda and left.

Then, Linda asked Paul to wait for Cindy outside the fitting room.

They heard the rustling of the dress from inside the fitting room, which indicated that Cindy was still in the middle of putting it on.

"My Lady, why have you brought me here?"

Paul couldn't help blushing after Linda asked him to stand outside the fitting room. He couldn't figure out what on earth Linda expected him to do.

"Listen to me. Once Cindy puts on the dress, she'll say that she can't zip up the dress by herself. When that happens, you just go inside and give her a hand. Got it?"

Linda lectured Paul about what he had to do in a very low voice.

"I'm afraid that won't be good."

"Ugh, you're really stupid. It's okay, Paul."

Linda stared at Paul, feeling quite helpless about how to get his honest man to successfully woo a girl.

At this point, she came to realize that Paul's EQ was too low. He couldn't even understand the reason why Linda had asked him to do that. No wonder Cindy hadn't accepted him even though he'd been chasing her for a long time.

"No... My Lady, I still don't think it's appropriate for me to do that. What if Cindy gets angry with me? I think we'd better ask the store assistant to come back here."

Without giving Paul any further reply, Linda nudged him forward. Even though Paul was now standing right outside the fitting room, he still felt too shy to enter the room to help Cindy zip up the dress.

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