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   Chapter 1235 Money Was Not An Issue

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Cindy took Linda's hand and stepped out of the office with her. Together, they walked to the ladies' room.

They went to the end of the corridor and turned left.

They were some distance away from the office, but Cindy was still afraid that someone would hear their conversation. Cindy decided to speak to Linda in the restroom on the other floor. She figured they would be able to speak in private there.

"All right Cindy, I'm here now. What's the matter? What did you see in the computer that spooked you out? You look like you've seen a ghost, or something,"

Linda asked.

"Oh, my god, Linda! It's so crazy and complicated! I've read the information that Paul showed me before we came. The woman that Robert's living with now, is named Lisa. But I also saw some videos of Adam and Lisa in Adam's computer."

"What do those videos show?"

Linda didn't want to ask, but she was hooked now. She knew it wouldn't be anything good, but she just had to hear confirmation from Cindy, herself.

"It shows their intimate relationship..." Cindy had a look that was a mix of shame and shock.

Linda was dumbfounded when she heard Cindy's words.

"If Robert saw the videos, he would be furious. He would never have thought that his wife would have an affair with another man."

"That's not even mentioning what would happen between Robert and Adam. Those two are as close, as any brothers can get. But I'm sure all that would change if Robert ever found out about Adam and Lisa's infidelity," Cindy said grimly.

She added, "And I'm afraid that Adam is already..." Her voice trailed off.

Linda was worried that something like this might come up. Charles had already sent his men to investigate Adam. Adam was already something of a suspicious individual, because of the dirt that the WSS had dug up on him, before. This kind of scandalous behavior was simply a volcano of controversy waiting to erupt.

"Cindy, I think it's best that you copy those videos to your flash drive, then delete them from the computer. It's best that Robert does not see them. I'll discuss all of this with Charles," Linda said.

Cindy nodded. She took Linda's hand and they went back to the office together. As soon as Linda opened the door, she saw Robert sitting in front of the computer.

He was browsing the information on the computer.

Linda's heart skipped a beat, and she approached Robert.


Linda expected the worst, but Robert did not react violently, or with shock. His

Boom Time.

The mall stood on a sprawling area of 260, 000 square meters. It was built for luxury and business in mind, and was a major investment of the Mu's Group. The mall was packed with shoppers and was full of shops and boutiques with the latest products.

"It's getting warmer these days. I want to buy some quality cotton t-shirts," Cindy said as she stretched herself.

"Well, you can buy whatever you want. Paul will pay it," Linda said mischievously.

"I don't want him to pay for me," Cindy said as she gave Paul an arrogant look.

"Then who do you want to foot the bill?" Linda asked. The smile on Linda's face grew wider, and was now stretching from ear to ear.

"Of course I want you to buy new clothes for me, Linda. You're my sister, and you care about me very much. So you will pay for me, right?" Cindy replied.

Linda shook her head, and then she took a look at Paul. "Not this time, Cindy. I can't buy any new clothes for you. I don't have enough money. So, it's Paul who will pay the bill."

Linda turned to Paul with a look that was both serious and mischievous. "I think that's only fair, isn't it, Paul? Are you willing to pay for my sister's new clothes?"

Linda mentioned all of this, not to embarrass Paul, but to give him a genuine chance to make amends with Cindy. Paul could afford it.

As Charles's right-hand man, Paul had a high salary. Charles was very kind to Paul and regarded him as his own brother.

With that kind of salary, money was not an issue for Paul. He could easily afford several truckloads of new clothes. Money wasn't the issue here. Pleasing Cindy was, and Paul was eager to do, just that.

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