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   Chapter 1234 Go To The Washroom

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Fortunately, Charles had recovered the Huo Group's wealth and assets in part. He was planning to return them to Robert as compensation for accidentally injuring one of Adam's eyes.

Adam's office had been at the corner of the fifth floor.

It had been locked ever since the company had gone bankrupt. Before coming here, Paul had gotten the key to this office from the property management personnel. After Paul opened the door, all of them entered the office. They found that everything inside was covered by a thick layer of dust just as Linda had guessed. Having anticipated this, Linda had brought four face masks with her. She immediately took them out of her bag and handed each of them a mask. Without a doubt, they would find it hard to sneeze if they didn't wear a mask.

"My Lady, what do you want to look for here?" Paul questioned.

"I want to find the computer that Adam used. Do you think it's still here?"

"Yes, it is. I put it inside that cabinet. When I was asked to put everything away, I wasn't certain which articles you would need, so I just stored everything inside the cabinet."

Then, Paul took the computer out of the cabinet.

It was the personal computer that Adam had used in this office.

Linda pressed the power key to turn the computer on, but the screen remained blank.

"Charge the computer first," Linda ordered.

Looking at the computer, Robert was overwhelmed with mixed emotions and was on the verge of tears. Linda was stunned to see Robert acting like this.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing. This computer was the gift that I sent to my younger brother for his 19th birthday. I never expected that he would keep it for so long."

Linda nodded. "You can walk around and have a look. You might find some important clues."

It seemed that the brotherhood between Robert and his younger brother was fairly deep.

But Linda wondered whether their brotherhood would be impacted negatively or not if they found some clues on this computer.

The truth was, Charles hadn't revealed all of the information that he had gotten from his investigation to Robert. From the investigation report, Charles had found out that Lisa had been with Adam for a period of time.

Whatever it was, Linda thought that Robert had the right to know all this.

Since Adam was missing, she figured that Robert's eagerness to find his brother would trump any anger or betrayal he felt about the bad things Adam had done to him.

"Linda, can I take some things away from here?"

Robert glanced around and saw many things that he had bought as gifts for his brother. For instance, the teacups on the table and the coats on the hangers had all been boug

for Cindy and Paul to be together. Since the two of them showed great affection for each other, Linda expected that their romantic relationship would progress well regardless of what had happened between them in the past.

"How's it going? Have you managed to crack my brother's password?"

Robert asked anxiously.

"Hmm, yes. But you have to wait for some more time, about 15 minutes. I'm checking the things on his computer with my own program to see if there are any clues,"

Cindy responded while nodding.

Robert was eager to see the things on the computer as he thought that he could find some clues about his brother's whereabouts. About 13 minutes later, he heard an alert tone from the computer system.

Cindy had gotten a prompt from the system that she had successfully read all the content on the computer with her own program. But as she focused all her attention on the computer screen to check the content inside, she frowned.

"Wait a moment. I'm going to the washroom." Cindy stood up from the chair after finishing her words.

Then, she took Linda by her hand and said like a spoiled child, "Linda, I want you to come. It's so deserted here. I'm scared to go to the washroom alone."

Linda couldn't believe what she was hearing. She wondered if Cindy was just kidding because, as far as she remembered, Cindy had always been bold.

Besides, Linda still remembered that Cindy had even invited her to go on a ghost tour with her. But now, Cindy was saying that she was afraid of going to the washroom by herself!

Feeling puzzled, Linda consciously switched her attention to Cindy and noticed that Cindy had a guilty look on her face. It finally dawned on her that Cindy probably wanted to talk to her about something in private, so she nodded in agreement.

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