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   Chapter 1231 Shall I Bring You One

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 5013

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After weighing all the pros and cons, Lisa decided to change her attitude toward Robert.

She realized that if the two of them continued to give each other the cold shoulder, her husband wouldn't see her in a good light, let alone love her. Even without the child, Robert was very important to Lisa. She thought that she couldn't live without him.

Today, Lisa had taken their child to see a doctor, and now, the child was receiving treatment in the ICU of the hospital.

She had been told that their child would be able to survive only a year at most if the operation didn't go smoothly.

These past few months, she had suffered a lot because of their child's illnesses. She had complained to herself again and again about being cursed with such an unhealthy child. She was so physically and mentally exhausted by her child's nonstop treatment that she almost wanted to give up hope on him.

All of a sudden, Lisa noticed that Robert had gone to take a shower without taking a towel or any clothes. She thought that this was a good chance for her to relieve the tension between them, so she went up to the bathroom door and asked, "Robert, you didn't take a towel with you, did you? Shall I bring you one?"

Lisa was a healthy woman with physical needs.

But ever since the birth of their child, Robert hadn't been intimate with her or made love to her.

Lisa felt extremely depressed every time she thought about this, because she longed for his touch.


Lisa called out a

as in a deep sleep.

Besides, she could hear the sound of his steady breathing.

Thus, Lisa toddled toward the bed and cautiously picked up Robert's mobile phone. Then, she quietly walked back to the living room and started flipping through the apps on his phone.

When she viewed his call records, she noticed that Robert had made a phone call to an unsaved phone number.

Lisa wasn't familiar with the number at all, so she wanted to find out who it belonged to.

She quietly dialed this strange number.

A few seconds after the phone rang, the call was answered.

"Robert, it's so late now. What's the matter?"

The voice from the other end of the line was more than familiar to Lisa.

It belonged to none other than Linda.

When Lisa realized that Robert had called Linda, the woman that he had used to be madly in love with, she felt a rush of hatred and anger toward Linda.

Engulfed by fury, Lisa wished that she could go to the Mu Clan's villa right now and kill Linda.

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