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   Chapter 1229 Investigated The Situation A Long Time Ago

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Charles unknowingly became pissed off the moment he saw Robert perhaps because of his jealousy. After all, Robert had once been madly in love with Linda and chased her to win her affections.

"Well, I'm not free enough to help you."

This ticked Robert off. He had greeted Charles as soon as he'd seen him and talked to him in such a polite manner. Charles, on the other hand, was treating him rudely and declining to help him.

As the eldest descendant of the Huo Clan, Robert wasn't used to people speaking to him this way.

He was angry that Charles was being so impolite to him right to his face.

"Again, I've come here to ask Linda for a favor, not you. So if you're reluctant to listen to me, I won't force you," he said coldly.

Charles let out a snort.

"You want to ask my wife for help? Don't you think you need my permission to talk to her first? Robert Huo, what on earth do you need Linda's help for, anyway?" he asked.

At this moment, Linda was waiting for Robert in the living room. Since he still hadn't come in after a long time, she decided to go out to take a look.

When she reached the gate of the villa, she saw her husband and Robert quarreling with each other.

Today, both Charles and Robert were wearing a white shirt. The two handsome men standing together at the gate constituted a picturesque scene.

However, it was a pity that both the men looked angry and grumpy.

"What are the two of you doing there?" Linda asked.

Seeing Linda approach, Charles immediately walked up to her, put his hand around her waist, and then gave her a gentle kiss on her cheek.

"Honey, let's go inside," he said, loud enough for Robert to hear.

It was more than apparent to Linda t

mething about this, but she hadn't had any solid evidence.

And she hadn't known how to tell Robert about her guess. However, she had kept an eye on that man.

"Why do you say that? I know that the businesses of the Huo Clan have declined significantly. Are you saying that your brother has gone missing after squandering all the fortune of your clan?"

"No, this is a long story. It is so complicated that I don't even know where to start. It's not a big deal that my younger brother has left our business in heavy debt. There is something much more serious I want to talk about. Today, when I went to his house, I saw him without his eye patch. His eye with necrosis looked totally healthy..."

Robert shifted his attention to Charles as he spoke.

Charles already knew about Adam's eye condition and that it couldn't be restored to its original healthy state.

"Show him all the information we've collected from our investigation,"

Charles ordered Paul, who was standing beside him. Soon, Paul came and handed Robert a stack of papers.

Linda was shocked to find out that Charles had investigated the situation a long time ago.

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