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   Chapter 1228 Ask Linda For A Favor

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7483

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Robert thought that all reporters were really foolish. What exactly were they thinking when they asked such stupid questions?

When such a huge tragedy had befallen him, how could they come to interview him like this? Did they ever think about how he would feel about it?

Hearing Robert scold her in such a rude way, the female reporter didn't know what to do next. For a second, she glared at Robert, feeling aggrieved. Then, she quickly regained her composure and said, "Mr. Huo, I'm just asking questions as a reporter. You don't have to be so rude to me even if you don't want to answer them."

"Do you know how stupid your question was? When your mother is dead, shall I come and ask you questions? How about I ask you to describe how she died and how you feel at the time? Would you like that?"

Robert snapped with gritted teeth and a cold expression on his face.

Hearing Robert's retort, the female reporter became speechless.

Robert looked at the two corpses on the ground.

Even the clothes they had been wearing had been burned to ashes. It was impossible to tell who the corpses had belonged to just by looking at them.

"Mr. Huo, what are you looking for? Can you tell me about it? I can understand your feelings,"

the female reporter started again.

This was the first interview of her career, so she wasn't willing to fail. Besides, they were connected to the TV station and streaming live right now.

When she got back to the TV station, she would be harshly criticized by her boss!

"I have nothing to say now. Please get out of here before I lose my temper." At that moment, Robert was in no mood to be nice to anyone, let alone a female reporter who didn't even look good.

"How can you say that? How about I apologize to you?"

"Just get out!"

Robert repeated, refusing to speak to her. Everyone at the scene felt embarrassed on her behalf.

And more than one person from the press laughed in their hearts.

They began whispering among themselves.

"I really wonder how such a person was selected by our TV station. She actually asked such stupid questions without any consideration about how the family members of the victims feel. Now look at how she got humiliated! Well, she want

ask you for a favor. Are you at home now?"

Linda had been very surprised when she had seen Robert's phone call. It had been a long time since he'd contacted her.

And Linda had never contacted him either, because she hadn't wanted to make any unnecessary mess. After all, Robert had once been in love with her, and they were both married now.

"All right. No problem. You can come to see me. I'm at home now," she replied graciously.

Now that Robert had called her and asked her to do him a favor, Linda didn't want to refuse him. After all, Robert had been her senior at school and had helped her a lot when they were college students. Linda would always remember that.

Fifteen minutes later, Robert arrived at the gate of the Mu Clan's villa. Linda had just finished feeding Little Tomato and Little Potato when the servant came to report his arrival to her.

"My Lady, there is a gentleman at the gate. He said that his name was Robert and that he had come to visit you. Shall I let him in?"

Linda nodded her head and replied, "Yes. Please lead him to the living room."

Robert was waiting at the gate when he saw another car stop at the Mu Clan's villa.

The man who climbed out of the car was none other than Charles Mu.

Seeing Charles, Robert felt a bitter taste in his mouth.

"Why are you here?" Charles thought it was odd that Robert had shown up here.

"I've come to ask Linda to do me a favor. Now that you're here as well, can I talk to both of you?"

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