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   Chapter 1227 Get Out Of Here

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At this moment, many different thoughts flashed across Robert's mind.

He still couldn't figure out the reason.

But in spite of his confusion, he did his best to stay calm and didn't rush forward to question his brother.

Robert was determined to find out the truth by himself.

The whole situation made him feel extremely anxious and frustrated.

He suddenly felt like everyone around him was strange and out of place.

Robert took a deep breath before quietly walking back to his car and starting the engine.

Then, he directly drove to the airport.

Meanwhile, after hanging up the phone, Vincent intended to go to a bank to transfer the money. But unexpectedly, he kept hearing his message alert tone. He slid on the touch screen of his phone to unlock it and saw several new messages.

His telecommunication service provider had sent message notifications to inform him that the same phone number had called him several times.

Since Vincent had been talking to someone on the phone just now, he had missed all those calls.

After checking the phone number, Vincent found that it was Robert who had tried calling him over and over again.

In his eyes, the time to disclose the truth to Robert and offend him hadn't come yet, because Vincent believed that Robert still had some value for him. Therefore, he called Robert back.

"Hello, brother, I saw your missed calls. What's the matter?"

Robert replied in a very calm voice, "Yes, I called you. The airport staff just informed me that our parents died in an accident. I really can't believe it. Can you come to the airport with me?"

"Ah? Really? I am so sad to hear this."

In fact, Vincent was the one who had plotted the accident, so he was not surprised at all to hear the news from Robert. However, he still feigned shock and depression after hearing the news.

"Hmm. Where are you now? I think I'll reach your house in about 10 minutes."

Hearing that Robert was going to his place, Vincent turned around and walked back toward his house.

"Oh, I'm at home now. I'll just wait here for you then."

After hanging up the phone, Vincent quickly walked toward his house, but he didn't notice that a black car was parked not far away from him. Inside the car sat Robert, staring at Vincent with puzzled eyes.

In order not to arouse Vincent's suspicion, Robert drove around for a few minutes before driving back to Vincent's house.

"Brother, what on earth happened to our parents? How did they die in an accident?"

This time, Robert saw Adam wearing a black eye mask.

He stepped closer to Adam and sized him up.

For some reason, he found that he looked a little strange.

"I don't know either. We should go and find out what happened in person. Adam, I remember that you always feel some discomfort around your injured eye during this season every year. Do you feel a little better this year?"

"Oh, it is still the same this year. But since I feel the pain every year, I'

ort, Robert saw two corpses covered by two pieces of white cloth under the guidance of the legal examiner.

Robert's hands were shivering as he walked toward the corpses. He really couldn't believe that the two corpses in front of him were his parents.

Originally, Robert had been so happy to hear that Marlon and Bella were coming back to SH City, because he hadn't seen his parents for a long time.

Deep in his mind, Robert was a little grateful to his parents because both of them had disapproved of his marriage with Lisa. It was because of his parents' persistence that Robert and Lisa hadn't registered their marriage.

Ever since Robert had found out that Lisa had merely disguised as Linda, he had developed a strong aversion to this woman. If they had gotten a marriage certificate, it would have been more difficult for him to divorce Lisa one day when necessary.

He would have had to face many problems if Lisa was unwilling to sign the divorce papers. But thanks to his parents' disapproval, Robert hadn't registered his marriage with Lisa.

Now, Robert uncovered the cloth with trembling hands. He found it impossible to tell if these were the corpses of his parents, because their bodies were scorched beyond recognition.

Next to them, a journalist was reporting the collision.

"Hello, everyone. This is today's afternoon news. Right now, I am on the site of an explosion that occurred at this airport. Two people were injured and three people died. According to the news from the police, two of the deceased were an old couple—Marlon Huo, the former CEO of the Huo's Group, and Bella Tang, his wife. At present, Marlon Huo's sons have rushed here. Now, let me interview them."

As soon as the journalist finished speaking, she walked toward Robert and turned her camera at him.

"Mr. Huo, we are so sorry about the death of your parents. May I know your current feelings?"

Robert fiercely glared at the journalist and retorted, "Get out of here!"

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