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   Chapter 1225 Calling Linda Right Now

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Robert's eyebrows became tightly knitted when he heard Lisa's complaints about his parents. He was so angry with her that his hands started trembling.

"What do you mean? Are you raking up old grievances? My parents have sent us many gifts since the birth of our baby. What else do you want from them?"

The truth was, after staying with Lisa for a while, Robert had begun to feel that he didn't love her at all.

He had been with her only because she had resembled Linda to a certain extent.

But a while ago, Lisa had undergone another plastic surgery to restore her face to its original appearance. As a result, she no longer looked like Linda. Ever since then, Robert's attitude toward Lisa had turned worse and worse. However, he was a gentleman, so he had never allowed himself to even think about dumping her.

Since he had promised Lisa that he would be with her and take good care of her all his life, he thought that he had to keep his promise. In addition, Lisa had given birth to a child for him. Considering this, Robert was determined to take responsibility for this woman and their child as what a man should do.

Nevertheless, Robert had overestimated himself. Originally, he had taken it for granted that his life with this woman would pass quickly and smoothly. But to his surprise, a lot of misfortune had befallen him.

Their child was suffering from several diseases at the same time and the Huo Clan's fortune was gone.

"Robert Huo, you're so heartless! I bore you a child, but you're scolding me like this. Do you really think that your parents treat me well? What on earth have they done for me?"

While listening to Lisa, Robert gradually regained his composure.

"It's all my fault. I shouldn't have spoken to you that way. Don't be angry with me."

Robert didn't want to be bothered by any trivial matters right now. He was waiting for his parents to come back. Then, he could have a talk with Marlon about how to deal with their family crisis.

In the meantime, he wanted to figure out how to confront Adam, who had squandered all the Huo Clan's fortune.

"How could I not be angry? Robert, we haven't even registered our marriage yet but I've already given birth to a child for you. Don't you want to do something for me?"

In an instant, Lisa's eyes filled with tears that began running down her cheeks, because she felt extremely aggrieved by how Robert was treating her. She had stayed by his side for so long even though she didn't have any status in the Huo Clan and wasn't even legally considered his wife.

Since her childhood, she had been spoiled a lot by her father, Johnson, who had given her everything that she wanted.

But after Linda had come back, Lisa's life had changed tremendously.

Lisa had been quite reluctant to accept the changes at first, but in the end, she had had no other choice. When she had finally been about to marry Robert, the one she had thought

ered Linda.

Although Linda and Charles had been married for a long time, the two of them still loved each other as much as they had in the beginning. Lisa was confused about how Linda and Charles had managed to sustain their love.

On top of that, she was curious about why Charles still loved Linda that much.

Robert climbed downstairs, and then drove Lisa and their baby to a hospital.

Less than half an hour later, they arrived at the hospital. The baby was still crying loudly and thus attracted a lot of attention as soon as they stepped into the entrance of the hospital.

The hospital arranged a range of complex examinations for the baby. After waiting for a long time, they finally saw the doctors come out with the examination reports.

Robert and Lisa were told that their baby had to undergo an operation within 3 days, otherwise, he would probably die.

But the doctors there weren't sure if the baby would survive or not after receiving the operation.

Therefore, they exchanged hesitant glances with one another, as none of them wanted to perform this risky operation for the baby. They all hoped that Lisa and Robert would take their child to undergo the operation in a better hospital.

Even foreign doctors couldn't assure the smooth completion of the operation for the baby, let alone domestic ones.

Staring at the doctors who were declining them, Lisa once again felt like she was at a loss.

Robert, who was standing beside Lisa, kept silent, as if this whole matter was none of his business. He looked so cold and indifferent that he might as well have been a stranger.

"Hey, don't just stand there in silence. What should we do now? The doctors here don't dare to perform the operation for our baby. We can't postpone the operation and just wait for our baby's death."

After yelling at Robert, Lisa started crying again. At this point, she didn't know what to do but cry.

"I'm calling Linda right now."

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