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   Chapter 1224 They've Made Me A Laughing Stock

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Hearing the sarcasm in what he thought was his son's voice, Marlon said, "You brat! How can you talk to us like that? Do you want us to have an accident on the way home?"

But Vincent hung up the phone before Marlon could finish his words.

'Marlon and Bella aren't my parents. They have no right to scold me!

I don't want to listen to their nagging on the phone. Anyway, they'll be dead after today. They'll never have a chance to speak again!' Vincent thought to himself.

Bella and Marlon looked at each other and sighed helplessly after Vincent hung up.

They hadn't expected that their younger son would be so rude to them. They had left SH City only a while ago, but their younger son had changed a lot during their absence.

Although Adam was a bit introverted, he had always been good at business.

Their elder son, Robert, had studied abroad for many years. During that time, Adam was the one who had managed the family business, and he had done it well.

If not, how could Bella and Marlon have traveled around the world without any worries?

To their surprise, their younger son seemed to have become a completely different person over the past half a year. His business strategies were clumsy and he had caused a lot of financial losses to the company.

"Did you call Colbert?" Marlon asked as he turned to Bella.

"Yes, but I couldn't get through to him. Maybe his mobile phone has run out of battery. Anyway, I already told him the arrival time of our flight. He should be waiting for us at the exit of the airport right now. Let's hurry back. Otherwise, our younger son might cause more trouble," Bella replied while furrowing her brows.

Marlon snorted when he heard Bella's words.

He could not help feeling terribly annoyed.

They had just come out of the airport when a young man came up to them.

"Mr. and Mrs. Huo, you're finally here."

Marlon took off his sunglasses and looked curiously at the person in front of him. "Who are you?"

It had been more than a year since Marlon and Bella had stepped foot in SH City, so they'd specially asked their old housekeeper to come to the airport to receive them. But instead of him, there was a young man waiting for them.

"I am Colbert's son. My father is feeling

self with a pained look.

Moreover, Robert knew very well that Lisa had harmed Linda before.

"It doesn't matter. My parents are coming back today, and they'll definitely have money with them. We can borrow some money from them for the operation. Lochard is their grandson, so they'll try their best to save him."

When Robert spoke of his parents, a sullen expression appeared on Lisa's face.

Robert's parents had never accepted her as a daughter-in-law. They had been against her relationship with Robert from the very beginning. In fact, Robert and Lisa hadn't gotten a marriage license, although their child was born, let alone held a wedding banquet. Since Marlon had taken away the household register, they had been unable to register their marriage at the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Marlon had always been of the opinion that the woman who married their elder son had to have a distinguished family background, unlike Lisa.

So, Lisa not only felt uncomfortable at the mention of Robert's parents, but she was also holding a grudge against them.

"Your parents will be happy if our son dies! With him out of the way, they can easily end our relationship. Why would they try to save him?" Lisa said angrily.

Robert frowned. "Come on, don't be angry. Ever since you gave birth to Lochard, my parents haven't mistreated you, right?"

"Yes, they didn't go that far. All they did was stop me from marrying you. As a result, I was pregnant before marriage. They've made me a laughing stock!"

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