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   Chapter 1223 Have A Safe Journey

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Being a doctor, Anna had wanted to immediately check if the baby's life was in danger. For a moment, she had considered not calling Linda or even bothering about the baby's illnesses. After all, the baby was Lisa's and it wasn't any of their business.

This thought had flashed in Anna's mind, because she still couldn't forget how Lisa had treated Linda in the past and even nearly killed her.

But in the end, she had called Linda because her concern for the baby's life had triumphed. In her eyes, the baby was innocent no matter how evil its mother was.

After hanging up the phone call with Anna, Linda called Paul right away.

"Paul, help me find Lisa's phone number."

Although Lisa had called Linda several times, Linda hadn't bothered to save Lisa's phone number as she didn't want unnecessary things on her phone.

"Okay, My Lady."

Less than two minutes later, Linda received Lisa's phone number in a text message from Paul. She immediately dialed the phone number.

As soon as Lisa picked up, Linda said, "Your son has to undergo an operation right away, otherwise he'll die."

At this moment, Lisa was about to meet with Vincent. Suddenly, she heard her phone ringing and found that she was getting a call from Linda.

Before this, she had been busy visiting hospitals for her baby's illnesses, and so, she hadn't had the time to talk to Vincent yet.

The Huo Clan was one of the biggest clans in SH City with great power and wealth, so Lisa couldn't understand how Vincent had managed to squander all the fortune of the Huo Clan in just over half a year.

She was still in confusion about what on earth her brother had done. How could he have possibly spent all that money?

While she was still lost in thought about Vincent's actions, she absentmindedly answered the phone and heard Linda's voice. But Linda's words jerked her back to reality.

"What? Why?" she asked incoherently.

"Anna just read the examination report that you sent me last time. She told me that your baby suffers from hydrocephalus as well."

Lisa was so shocked by what she heard that she collapsed on the ground.

"What? Hydrocephalus?" she asked.

"Your baby has to undergo an operation as soon as possible. You should make the arrangements right now."

"You help me arrange the operation."

Linda was shocked to hear Lisa's response.

"Me, help you arrange the operation? Lisa, do we get along so well with each other? I just called you to tell you that your baby's life is in danger. I think I've been kind enough to inform you about this. As for the operation, you'll have to find a doctor by yourself."

Linda hung up the phone as soon as she finished speaking.

'Lisa, how can

cent answered the call, there was shouting from the other end.

"You bastard! Think about what you've done. How long has it been since you took over the business of the Huo Clan? And you've already lost all of it..."

Before Marlon Huo could finish his words, he was interrupted by Vincent.

"Shut up, old man!" Vincent said angrily.

Over the past half a year, Vincent had been disguised as Marlon Huo's son. Every time Marlon called Vincent, he would bombard him with questions, much to Vincent's annoyance.

But now that the Huo Clan was in heavy debt and Vincent didn't have anything more to gain from them, he realized that he no longer had to act like a good boy.

Having been greatly infuriated by Lisa, he decided to vent all his anger on Marlon Huo.

"Ah, son. Don't talk to your father so rudely. You should apologize to him right now." Vincent heard an old woman's voice from the other end of the phone. It was Marlon Huo's wife, Bella Tang.

Bella Tang was Adam and Robert's biological mother.

"Apologize? Why should I apologize to him?" Vincent snapped.

"Kid, you are so stubborn. Is it so difficult for you to say sorry to your father?"

"You bad boy, now you even dare to speak to me this way. I'm on the plane right now and I will arrive tonight. Just wait and see how I teach you a lesson," Marlon threatened.

Upon hearing this, Vincent sneered.

Shrouded by the darkness of the night, he looked rather evil.

"I would like to see how you'll teach me a lesson, old man," Vincent replied calmly after a few moments of silence.

"Fine, just wait for me at home. You bad boy, I swear that I'll teach you an unforgettable lesson, or else I will disgrace the ancestors of our Huo Clan!"

With a sinister smile on his face, Vincent said, "Have a safe journey."

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