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   Chapter 1222 He Will Die Without The Operation

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Linda wanted to brush everything off, as if nothing was wrong. But that was the furthest from the truth. There was a little sick baby, and the child had nothing to do with her history with Lisa. With that in mind, Linda had to tell Anna everything.

"Lisa Xia has come back."

"What? My God! Are you sure about this, Linda? What happened? This is unbelievable!" Anna could not believe what she was hearing on the other end.

Becker was beside Anna, and he could not hold his curiosity back. "Who is Lisa Xia exactly?"

Anna did not answer Becker, and merely listened as Linda narrated the situation from the other end. "Well, Lisa's child has more than one congenital disease. He has seen some doctors abroad but they're all stumped. They suggested that the child come back to take Chinese herbs. It's a pretty desperate situation."

"Oh, now I get it. But that's pretty strange, My Lady. I mean, why did she come to you about this? We all know that the Huo Clan is one of the four most powerful clans! They should be wealthy enough to see a good herbalist doctor to help the kid recover! She's really got a lot of nerve! Has she forgotten about your past history? I mean, the things she's done to you before, and now, she comes to you about this! The nerve of that woman!"

Linda heard Anna's words and she could not help but laugh.

"It's all right, Anna. I've got this. I just felt like I had to tell you about it. Enjoy your trip with Becker. Have fun!"

"I understand, My Lady."

Anna put down the phone, and that was the end of their short conversation.

Becker couldn't help himself, and just had to ask, "Anna, what was that all about? And who's Lisa Xia?"

Anna put on her eye patch and sat back on her seat. The plane's seats were quite comfortable, and she tried to kick back and relax. Anna took a deep breath before answering Becker's queries. Finally, she answered, "It's a long story. Lisa is Lady Linda's half-sister. They have the same father.

Oh no, no! They aren't related by blood!"

Becker was even more confused now.

Anna did her best to recap the things that had happened between Linda and Lisa.

Once Anna was done with her lengthy account, Becker couldn't help but feel a little angry at Lisa, as well. He had not even heard about her until now, but he couldn't help himself. Anna just had a way with her words, and was something of a natural storyteller.

"That woman really deserves what life has given her! After everything that happened, now her child has so many medical problems after birth!"

Anna shook her head. "I can't help but feel sorry for the baby, Becker. I mean, it's not his fault that his mother did so many terr

, at the soonest possible time. If he doesn't receive proper medical care, we risk the baby dying in half a month!"

Anna's voice was urgent. Linda was feeding Little Tomato when she answered Anna's call. She heard Anna's urgency on the other end, and she couldn't help but tremble.

"What do you mean? Are you sure about this? Tell me more."

"I read the files you gave me, My Lady. I'm sure about my prognosis. The baby is still weak and the operation will surely be high-risk, but if he isn't operated on, he will surely die in half a month!" There was a tense silence that hung in the air for a moment. It was Anna who broke the silence with her urgency. "Let me be blunt, My Lady. The only reason the doctors abroad sent the baby back was to avoid any responsibility for the baby's fate!"

The more Anna spoke, her urgency was replaced with anger. How could the other doctors have acted so callously?

"I read all the reports. The baby has a severe and advanced case of hydrocephalus. The other doctors were negligent and ignored all the critical facts in this case!"

For a moment, Linda felt completely helpless. This was all from the files sent to her by Lisa Xia. Linda didn't even know much about the contents of the reports. From what she knew, the baby was suffering from some kind of congenital heart disease.

"Considering that it's a baby, the operation will be very risky. I need to think about this, and discuss the case with my colleagues. Becker and I will fly back home tonight. I want to see the baby just to confirm everything."

Anna had completely forgotten that the baby was Lisa Xia's now. That wasn't important anymore.

The only thing that mattered now, was to save the baby's life.

"Okay. thanks. I'll call Lisa for more details about this."

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