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   Chapter 1221 See A Doctor

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"Take the kids away from here first."

Linda waved her hand, asking the servant next to her to take Little Tomato and Little Potato back to their room to play, because she didn't want Lisa to see the kids. In the past, Victoria had hurt Linda's kids just because of her personal hatred for Linda. Ever since then, Linda had been much more cautious when it came to the safety of her kids. Every time she recollected what had happened to her kids, she was overwhelmed with great fear. To make sure that her kids would never be put in danger again, she thought that it would be better for her to not let evil people like Lisa see her kids, or else Lisa might come up with evil ideas in her mind just like Victoria had done.

Soon after, Linda saw a woman anxiously walking toward her with a baby in her arms.

Time passed very fast. It seemed that Lisa had undergone another plastic surgery to look like her original self.

But many wrinkles had crawled onto her face and her facial skin had begun to droop, making her face look strange and old. Without a doubt, these were side effects of her plastic surgery.

It had been a long time since Lisa and Linda had met. Lisa stared at Linda, expecting to see noticeable weariness and wrinkles on her face.

But she was disappointed.

After sizing Linda up, Lisa found that Linda still looked as young and attractive as she had been before.

In fact, she was shockingly beautiful like a lifelike angel from a painting. Looking from afar, Lisa also noticed that Linda's skin appeared as smooth as eggshells.

"Linda, it's been a long time since we met." Lisa greeted Linda first.

Deep in her heart, she was still rather jealous of Linda and she didn't want to yield to her at all.

In fact, she wouldn't have come to ask Linda for a favor if she had other options.

But now, Lisa had no other choice.

"Just cut to the chase. What's the matter?"

Linda came straight to the matter because she thought that it was a waste of time to talk to Lisa. The two of them had never gotten along well with each other. Even though it had been a long time since they last met, Linda was certain that it was impossible for their relationship to turn better.

"Can you ask Anna to diagnose my baby?"

"What's wrong with your baby? Doesn't the Huo Clan have a private doctor?"

Linda haughtily asked Lisa.

"Just get straight to the point if you have something to say," she added.

But Lisa stood still where she was. She was rather anxious about her baby's illness, but she had no idea of how to explain everything to Linda without embarrassing herself in the process. Lisa had never expected that Vincent would squander all the properties of the Huo Clan over the past year.

Linda had been well-informed about everything that had happened to the Huo Clan.

Of course, she hadn't known this when Lisa had left.

The WSS had reported this to her after an intensive investigation

Lisa's receding figure. She felt that Lisa had become much more mature than before, because for one moment, she had clearly seen Lisa's hatred for her in her eyes, but a second later, that hatred had been replaced by tender motherhood.

In Linda's eyes, Lisa's maturity had been manifested from her care for her child. It was apparent from her ability to keep her composure and talk to her politely in spite of her great anxiety.

Linda still clearly remembered how, in the past, Lisa had been extremely aggressive and hostile to her. She believed that if this incident had happened a year ago, Lisa would have ruthlessly scolded and cursed her.

But now, Lisa appeared like a completely different person, who looked gentle and calm. Linda was involuntarily lost in thought as she pondered about the unexpected changes in Lisa.

In the meantime, she felt a slight twitch of her eyelid.

Linda suddenly had a hunch that something bad was going to happen.

She felt that there was something fishy about Lisa and Robert's return.

She looked up at the sky, which was still as blue as usual.

She still clearly remembered how the sky had looked when Lisa had left last time. In Linda's memory, it was almost the same as today's blue sky.

However, Lisa's temperament had changed over the past year after going through many hardships in her life.

Shortly after Lisa left, Linda's phone rang. It was a phone call from Anna.

"My Lady, you called me just now. What's the matter? Becker and I can postpone our trip if there is something urgent."

"Anna, I might be a good friend of yours, but you should forget me when you're busy with your boyfriend."

As Linda teased Anna, she heard Becker's voice from the other end of the phone, which amused her to a certain extent. Anna had called Linda back to ask her if something had happened, because she had always thought of Linda as a good friend and cared about everything that Linda said to her.

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