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   Chapter 1220 Lisa Is Back

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Hearing Charles's words, Linda pursed her lips and frowned.

"What are you saying? I grew up with Cindy. I treat her like my younger sister, and Paul is your right-hand man. Don't you care about them?"

Charles smiled. "Don't worry. They can take care of themselves. Anyway, there's one thing you might be more interested in right now."

Charles had deftly changed the subject before Linda could respond.

"What is it?"

"According to the latest news from WSS, Lisa is back."

Linda was stunned by this unexpected news. "What? Lisa is back?" she asked, echoing Charles's words, wondering if she had just misheard him.

But Charles gave her an affirmative answer. "Yes, that's right. Lisa is back. She has come back with Robert."

If Linda remembered correctly, Lisa and Robert had left to the UK. 'Why did Lisa come back so soon? Wasn't she pregnant before they left?

It's been a long time now, so she must have given birth to her baby, ' Linda thought to herself.

Now, thinking about Lisa, Linda had conflicted feelings.

But in her eyes, Lisa was just a poor woman.

"Just let it be. As long as she doesn't bother me, she can do whatever she wants," Linda said flatly.

"Don't you think it's odd that they've come back at this time? How come Lisa dared to come back here?" Charles asked after a moment's hesitation.

Hearing Charles's words, Linda frowned. He was right. 'It's really quite strange. How come Lisa dared to come back here?

Isn't she afraid that her husband will find out about everything she did in the past?

If Robert finds out about those outrageous things, he will certainly break up with her.'

"According to this investigation, Lisa came back in a hurry. My men followed her to the airport and took a photo. In the photo, she looks tired with a baby in her arms. I heard that she went to the hospital as soon as she came back. I'm guessing that the baby is ill."

"But isn't the medical technology in the UK better in some ways than at home? Why did she come back here instead of bringing her baby to a hospital in the UK? That doesn't make any sense."

"I do

ere getting lazier and lazier. Linda didn't want her children to be weak, so she wanted to cultivate the good habit of exercising in them from their childhood.

"My Lady, there is a visitor who wants to see you," a servant said, walking up to her.

At this moment, Linda was jogging with her children. Little Potato was jogging carefully. Little Tomato was reluctant to follow her brother but she was being dragged forward by him. The two children looked so lovely that Linda could not help laughing.

Hearing the servant's words, Linda asked without raising her head, "Who is it?"

'I must not know the person who has come, or the servant would not have come to tell me about it, ' Linda thought.

"The person said she was your sister..."

The servant was a little confused, too. 'Lady Linda's sister came yesterday. Why did the woman at the door say that she was her sister? Does Lady Linda have many sisters?' she wondered.

"My sister?"

Linda asked in surprise.

Seeing the puzzled look on Linda's face, the servant said quickly, "Is that woman a swindler? I'm sorry, My Lady. I'll ask the security guard to throw her out. Why didn't I see through her? I guess I didn't expect her to be a swindler because she's holding a baby in her arms!"

'What? A baby?

Is it Lisa?' Linda wondered.

"Hmm. Bring her to me," Linda said without any expression on her face.

"Ah? Yes, My Lady."

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