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   Chapter 1219 Don't Worry Too Much

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"As usual, we are fine,"

Linda replied casually without telling Paul about anything that had happened in his absence.

In her eyes, since all the problems that she and Charles had encountered were already solved, it would be meaningless to share them with Paul now.

In fact, Paul would be upset if he found out about the events that had occurred over the past few months.

"My Lady, I know about everything that happened in my absence even if you don't tell me. While I was away, I kept a close eye on the situation here. Don't forget that I am the chief commander of WSS,"

Paul said with a smile.

"Oh, who the hell do you think you are? You're just a nobody,"

Cindy chirped in rudely, making Paul shrink a little in embarrassment.

"Cindy, how could you say such a thing?" Linda asked, exaggeratedly rolling up her sleeves as if she was going to teach Cindy a lesson, but Paul pulled her back.

"My Lady, it's okay. I owe her, so she can say whatever she wants."

Linda suddenly fell silent.

She knew that Cindy didn't have a sharp tongue in general, and that she had only spoken to Paul in an insulting manner because of her personal conflict with him. Linda thought that if Paul didn't mind Cindy's rude attitude toward him, then she shouldn't interfere. Anyway, she had always treated Cindy like a sister and valued their friendship a lot.

Cindy had been standing next to Linda and Paul in silence.

But when she heard Paul say that she could say whatever she wanted because he owed her, she couldn't help bursting into tears.

Seeing the tears in Cindy's eyes, Paul rushed toward her in a hurry. Taking her hand in his, he asked, "Cindy, why are you crying? What's wrong? It's all my fault. I got on your nerves, didn't I? Don't cry, okay?"

From Paul's eyes, Linda could discern how much he was worried about Cindy.

Deep down, she felt pity for Paul as Cindy was keeping him at an arm's length and even being rude to him. She still clearly remembered how, in the past, Cindy had been madly infatuated with Paul and had even confessed her love to him.

However, back then, Paul had only had eyes for Bun and had never given Cindy so much as a glance. At that time, he had still been in love with Bun, even though she was a married woman.

Eventually, Paul had come to the realization that he had fallen in love with Cindy a long time ago, but by that time, it had been too late, because Cindy had been set on leaving.

"It's all your fault! It's all

ge girl swooning over a charming man.

She found Charles's profile particularly attractive.


Charles called again, seeing that Linda was gazing at him in a daze without replying. But when Linda didn't respond to him at all, he read her mind right away. "Honey, stop staring at me that way. I know that I'm very handsome, but aren't you bored of looking at me every day?" Charles could barely hold back his laughter as he saw the dazed expression on Linda's face. She looked completely smitten with him.

It was then that Linda shook herself out of her stupor. She was shocked that she had been so taken with the man in front of her even though they had been married for such a long time.

Feeling embarrassed, Linda suddenly blushed, but she was reluctant to acknowledge that she had been infatuated with her charming husband, so she quickly changed the topic.

"Paul and Cindy have returned. Do you know that?"

"Of course I know that. Paul called me the day before he came back," Charles replied casually.

Linda hadn't expected that Charles would have already known the news.

With the mention of Paul and Cindy, a sense of frustration came rushing back to her.

"Ah, what can we do to help their romantic relationship? Paul left a few months ago to spend time with Cindy and win her heart. Now, although he has come back with her, the two of them are still not together. Besides, I feel that Cindy is in a bad mood," she said.

Charles put his pajamas on before he crawled into bed. He put his arms around Linda's waist and held her in his arms before he murmured, "Oh, honey. Don't worry too much. It's none of your business."

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