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   Chapter 1218 Paul Had Come Back

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One day, Charles went to attend a party with Linda, who wasn't exactly very excited to be there in the first place.

"Honey, do you mind staying here by yourself? I just need to go back for something." Linda wanted to leave because she didn't want to waste any more time there.

Earlier at the party, she felt a little jealous when Charles had his gaze fixated on some of the other beautiful girls. However, she had complete faith in Charles' love for her. Although she couldn't be certain that Charles wouldn't look at other women, she was sure that Charles would be loyal to her.

"Okay!" Charles gave her a kiss on the cheek and then asked the driver to take Linda back home.

As soon as Linda arrived at the Mu Clan's villa, the familiar air, flavor and more importantly, the people made her feel relaxed and relieved of all worries.

After taking off her dress, which was weighing her down all evening, she decided to take some time to unwind in the yard. Soon after, however, she heard thumping footsteps not too far away from her.

From what she could remember, Little Potato had a steadier and unhurried gait. So, with that in mind, Linda concluded that the footsteps approaching her had to belong to Little Tomato.

"Mom..." Linda was right. It was, indeed, Little Tomato, who somehow managed to address Linda as 'mom' with a standard accent. Needless to say, Linda was overwhelmed with great joy to hear Little Tomato's sweet voice calling out to her.

"What's the matter, baby?"

"Uncle Paul has come back with a beautiful auntie," said Little Tomato, as she walked up to Linda and held her hand.

'Paul's back?' Linda thought to herself.

After taking a pause to think, Linda realized that Paul had already been gone for a period of time.

Paul had left without saying anything to Linda. It wasn't until a week after he'd been gone that she realized something was strange. When she had asked Charles about Paul's whereabouts, she finally found out that he had left to find Cindy.

Previously, after Cindy protected Paul from Sarah's attack and got injured, Paul had confessed his love to her. But she was reluctant to accept Paul's confession. Linda hadn't forgotten the fact that Paul tried to find Cindy once before, but his confession wasn't enough to fix their relationship.

In spite of Cindy's rejection, Paul still persisted on keeping in touch with Cindy, who, deep in her heart, still harbored affection for Paul, or else she wouldn't have kept contact with him from time to time.

Bun and Brian had been married

indy is not my girlfriend. She's already rejected me."

"Then, what is your current relationship status? Oh, no... Paul, haven't you spent a long time with Cindy in YN City? How did you fail to win her again..."

Paul and Cindy had gone through many hardships during the journey of their romantic relationship.

After the game was over, Paul stood up from the chair, walked towards Linda and said, "My Lady, please don't make fun of me. I can understand why Cindy rejected me. It doesn't matter. I will keep trying until she accepts me."

Linda could see the firm determination to win Cindy's heart in Paul's eyes.

It suddenly dawned upon Linda that Paul could be very stubborn and persistent when it came to pursuing love.

To a certain extent, Linda thought that Cindy was stubborn too.

In any case, Linda believed that Cindy would eventually come to accept Paul's love when she would let go of all the unhappy things that had happened between the two of them. In Linda's opinion, their past history together was the reason why Cindy had rejected Paul.

"My Lady, please don't keep talking about Cindy and me. I've been gone for a period of time. How are things between you and Young Master?"

Linda, however, was dazed by Paul's question, on the grounds that she didn't know where to start.

After all, she and Charles had been going through a rough patch lately.

However, now that Paul had come back, Linda believed that Charles would be significantly relieved from the burdens for dealing with different matters. Paul had always been Charles' right-hand man. Nonetheless, Linda had no intentions of bringing up what had happened between them in the past months for the moment.

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