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   Chapter 1217 Be Rightfully Dealt With

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Meanwhile, Dan, the gangster who helped Stuart deal with Charles in BJ City, was in quite a pickle. His plan was to help two of his men make their escape. Unfortunately, they were seized and captured by a group of armed police officers just a few days after their arrival in Hong Kong.

The two men travelled in a sort of container so as to avoid the customs officers of BJ City. They were let out of the container when they arrived offshore, but was quickly asked to go back inside once they had arrived in Hong Kong. It was difficult to travel as illegal immigrants. Luckily enough, they were served wine, delicious food, and fresh seafood at the ship.

When they arrived at the port of Hong Kong, they had assumed that they were already safe. However, policemen were conducting identity checks everywhere. They couldn't move much. They couldn't even check in hotels without showing their IDs first.

In the end, they reluctantly accepted a small inn's offer of 500 dollars for a double room for a night.

Unfortunately, the inn had already been seized by the armed police.

At a loss, the two men attempted to run away. However, with armed police chasing them, they were bound to be caught soon. They weren't shot to death. Instead, they were shot paralyzed, so they couldn't move for a while.

Meanwhile, Harper was anxiously sitting across Charles.

The Hua Clan had been busy dealing with Stuart's problem after Charles left. They insisted that the HQ Gang was their rival. They believed that Stuart had only gone astray because he had developed close connections with the HQ Gang.

Wealthy and powerful clans like the Hua Clan tended to think that they were above the law whenever they ran into problems. They would always try to pinpoint the blame to someone else. Stuart was in jail and his family was doing everything they could to take revenge for him. When they had checked Charles's background, they concluded that they couldn't start anything with him. At the very least, they were able to file a complaint against the HQ Gang which the police could easily investigate given that they had reason to.

The Hua Clan went after the HQ Gang just a day after Stuart was sent to prison. Tavon, the leader of the HQ Gang, wasn't going down without a fight. It resulted in a fierce battle between the Hua Clan and the HQ Gang.

Dan was already feeling restless as he was the reason why this whole fight started in the first place. While Harper, who had been there when Stuart and Dan had threatened Charles, didn't want to get caught up in the middle.

Harper's heart beat quickened upon hearing this. He knew that Charles wasn't trying to intimidate him. He was simply being honest. After all, this was the man who had successfully plotted to have Dan's men arrested with the help of the armed police. Charles was also the man behind the Hua Clan and the HQ Gang rivalry. Harper knew very well what Charles was capable of.

Harper nodded, "Yes, boss. I won't change my mind. I've agreed to do this and I'm not going back on my word."

Charles was intensely gazing at Harper for so long that Harper started to feel uncomfortable and even nervous. At last, Charles spoke, "I will dispatch two men to go to BJ City with you. They will protect you. When you arrive at BJ City, you will contact Tavon. He's the leader of the HQ Gang. You'll negotiate with him and tell him that we can solve all of the problems that Dan has caused him. In return, he and the rest of his gang will allow you to occupy the second highest post in the HQ Gang."

Harper asked in confusion, "Mr. Mu, I know how much of a threat Dan is to you, which is why you want to get rid of him, but what will I be able to do for you if I take the position as second-in-command in the HQ Gang? The Mu Clan is already quite powerful and healthy. What good would it do you to get involved in affairs like this?"

Charles responded with a smile, "BJ City is the capital of our country. While the HQ Gang is quite notorious, they still need a member who can really stand up for their interests. Do you really think they have a member right now who can do that for them?"

Charles took a sip of his tea before continuing, "What I need is peace. Anyone who threatens me will be rightfully dealt with."

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