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   Chapter 1216 Giving Him A Kiss On The Cheek

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Over the past few days, Charles couldn't get his mind off Linda. For some couples, feelings for each other faded over time. This didn't seem to be the case with Charles and Linda.

Charles gave Linda a big hug and wouldn't let her go.

People were looking at them as they passed them by. Some felt envious, while some stared at them furiously.

After that, Charles and Linda headed back to the car. Charles wanted to call Wiseman first but was disappointed to find that his phone was dead again. Phones should always be charged especially in this digital age.

Charles was always busy with work, so he often forgot to check his phone and charge it. Most of the time, his phone just died by itself from not being charged for too long.

Linda smiled when she saw the look on Charles's face. She fished her phone out of her bag and briefly stared at Charles. She feigned sighing heavily as she handed her phone to him. "Here, honey, you can use my phone."

Charles looked outside through the window and realized that they would be home just after the intersection. He waved his hand and said, "It's fine. We'll be home soon. I can call Wiseman then. Honey, can we stop at the night market at JG Road? I want to buy some smoked meat."

Linda playfully said, "Honey, we can ask the driver to buy it." She looked at him expectantly.

Charles shook his head and said, "No, he doesn't know where he can buy the most delicious smoked meat. So we need to buy it together. We can take the chance to go for a walk."

"All right, fine." Linda agreed.

The night market of JG Road wasn't far from the Mu Clan's villa. The shop that sold the best smoked meat could only be found there.

The late night only magnified the bright and colorful lights which were coming from the JG Road. Music was blasting throughout the street as if the night was young.

The streets were crowded with people enjoying themselves in the night market.

Stalls were set up on both sides of the street to cater to more shops. Everything was set up properly so that it looked organized. People talked loud over the blaring music as they asked sellers how much their products for sale w

g about was how he could better help other people just like that little girl.

"Honey, I've got it. Well, let's start a private foundation in your name and the foundation will be named Linda's Angel Foundation. Through this foundation, we can help patients receive medical treatment, give children chances to receive education and bring more warmth to this society."

Soon, they arrived home. As soon as they entered the villa, Charles called Wiseman and updated him about his plans to start the Linda's Angel Foundation. He immediately gave Wiseman the go signal to handle everything from then on.

When Wiseman first heard about Charles's plan, he thought he had heard him wrong. Charles's plan was to establish a foundation that was going to be funded by the profits from the Mu's Group. That meant most of the profits would be all going to charity.

However, when Charles shared with Wiseman what he and Linda had seen that night, Wiseman got a better perspective of Charles's vision. Charles's vision was to implement crowd funding and publicity strategies to attract more investments from conscientious enterprises and individuals apart from the Mu's Group. In that way, the foundation could be bigger and it would be able to help more people.

Linda couldn't help but be moved by Charles suddenly planning something she had thought of on a whim. She wrapped her arms around Charles's waist and planted a soft kiss on his cheek.

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