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   Chapter 1215 I Missed You So Much

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The next day, Charles and Floyd boarded a plane to Mountain City. Floyd fell asleep as soon as he took his seat. He had drunk so much wine the previous day that he was still having a headache.

Charles was sitting on a wide seat in the first-class cabin, flipping through the latest reports of Info Newspaper. Soon, the plane landed in Mountain City. Without taking any rest, they directly rushed to Info Newspaper's office building.

When Watkins met them, he didn't show much respect to Floyd, who, with his small eyes, still looked sleepy.

It had already been a while since he had been told that Floyd would be coming to Info Newspaper to take over the portal project. And Watkins had already heard about Floyd's forum, SoLong, because one of the senior editors of Info Newspaper was a die-hard fan of the forum. But he had his doubts about whether Floyd, a man who had started a forum, was competent enough to build a portal.

Although Watkins was young, he had always stood out among his peers at Info Newspaper, so he had always taken it for granted that he would take the lead in the company.

However, now, Floyd had been appointed to hold an important post at Info Newspaper. As a result, Watkins thought of him as his rival. But since Floyd had been specially dispatched by Charles to build the portal, he knew that he had to be careful when dealing with this newcomer. He knew that Floyd would be a hard nut to crack if Charles stood by his side all the time.

'What if I can't defeat Floyd?' he wondered. After some careful thought, Watkins decided to lasso some of the members who made up the backbone of Info Newspaper to start a separate business in the media industry. Without talents like them, it would be impossible for Charles to make great achievements in the internet industry no matter how much money he had. Still, Watkins wanted to see how talented this Floyd was at first. Then, he would take measures accordingly.

Floyd, on the other hand, was quite optimistic. Although he noticed that Watkins was a little hostile to him, he didn't care about it at all.

It was two o'clock in the afternoon when Charles and Floyd arrived at Info Newspaper. Before convening all the employees of Info Newspaper to hold a meeting, Charles decided to meet with the former senior managers of Info Newspaper such as Watkins and Jethro first.

Once he found the two men, he informed them that they would serve as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Content Officer respectively in the new internet company.

Previously, Watkins had been the main person in charge of content in Info Newspaper. Hence, he was glad to be appointed as Chief Operating Officer of the new company. Jethro, as a leader of Info Newspaper, had previously been in charge of expanding channels and dealing with external affairs. Therefore, it was more than suitable to appoint him to act as Chief Content Officer. In this post, he would be able to bring his strengths into play.


ain substantial advantages if its headquarters is moved to SH City."

After pausing for a while, Charles smiled and continued, "Moreover, there are fewer internet talents in Mountain City. Both the new internet company and Info Newspaper engage in a talent and capital intensive industry. We can set up the offices of these two companies near the headquarters of the Mu's Group. In this way, it will be very convenient for our talent cultivation and exchanges."

Noticing that Watkins was still pulling a long face, Charles patted him on his shoulder and said, "In the future, Info Newspaper will not only be a traditional media organization, but also the representative of new media. We have to introduce plenty of high-quality talents into our team. SH City is the financial center of our country and the talent pool is much bigger."

All the employees present found it hard to conceal their excitement upon hearing Charles's words. Meanwhile, Charles had managed to convince both Watkins and Jethro to agree with him from the bottom of their hearts. Charles smiled in relief when he saw Watkins finally nodding in agreement.

Floyd quietly walked toward Watkins and Jethro. As he approached them, he held out his hand in a friendly manner and said, "Guys, welcome to the team. Let's create a brilliant future for our company together."

Watching the three key figures of SoLong Network Technology Limited shaking hands, Charles realized that he had taken the most critical step for creating his business empire. Now, the day that Linda could take revenge was no longer far away.

Due to work arrangements, Floyd stayed in Mountain City for the time being to finish selecting employees for the new internet company. However, Charles returned to SH City. As he walked out of the airport, he saw Linda in a beautiful dress that was swaying against the breeze. As soon as Linda saw him, she instinctively jumped into his embrace while murmuring, "Honey, I missed you so much!"

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