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   Chapter 1214 It Was Expected That They'd Succeed

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Wiseman had come to pick them up at the airport. Upon seeing Charles and Linda, he flashed them an easy smile as he told them that there was a pleasant surprise waiting for them at the Mu's Group office.

Charles could immediately tell what Wiseman really wanted to say when he first saw him. "Has Floyd made any progress yet?"

Wiseman put on a shocked face upon hearing Charles. "Boss, can't this wait? It won't be as interesting if we do it like this, you know."

Linda wasn't able to control her chuckling either when she noticed the way Wiseman was behaving. The car was speeding as it headed to the Mu's Group office.

When Charles saw the look on Floyd's and Drake's faces, he immediately knew that they were able to make a big step forward. Smiling, he asked, "So how have you been doing around here in my absence? Have you been working hard? Care to show me what you've done?"

Floyd laughed and answered, "Boss, here you go. Don't be so surprised!"

As he spoke, he entered the domain in the address bar of his browser: SoLong!

The domain name was a result of a discussion between Charles and Floyd. Now the users of SoLong Forum had been increasing. Charles hoped to make SoLong a part of his website project. Thus it would mean that he was definitely going to be working with Floyd for a long time.

In the blink of an eye, the website appeared. It was an open system.

Charles could tell that the website was developed from the original form of SoLong—it was unique and colorful. It was almost the exact replica of what Charles had imagined it to be.

What impressed Charles further was that the website could remember a previous user's interest based on collected data from previous site visits. This meant that the website was constantly harvesting huge amounts of data at a time. This didn't affect the website's ability to be able to push more specific content to specific users.

Charles gave Floyd an excited look. He asked, "Where did you get the idea to develop such a system?"

Floyd scratched his head as he answered, "We'd originally planned to set up this website to be very similar to SoLong but we knew you'd want something more different. Drake and I discussed it in extent and we eventually decided to do what Xina Corporation did. This is still in the works

nts. After all, Charles was the CEO of the Mu's Group. It was to be expected if he wanted to expand and invest in the Internet industry.

They didn't accept the bonus as they had only done what they were supposed to do according to the contract they had sighed. They didn't think it right to accept any extra money. If Charles wanted, they could work for him again in the future.

Floyd didn't seem to agree with the students' decision regarding the bonus. As he prepared the food, he spoke, "Why would you refuse the money? He's already offered it and he couldn't possibly take it back again. Just take the bonus or I'll take it for myself!"

They all shared an easy laugh over this. Charles smiled and shook his head. He didn't mind Floyd's jokes. He was an easygoing person who was always sympathetic and careful with his words and actions.

That was the reason why Charles hired him as the leader to take charge in the portal website.

Charles knew that the only way for such a portal website to survive was with a unique management and an endless amount of creative ideas.

While Floyd was more conservative than aggressive, Charles didn't mind this. In fact, he preferred this. He had a good sense of direction himself and believed he would make the right decisions for the website company. If he had Floyd by his side, leading the company as well, they would be able to avoid risks especially in the Internet industry. There was very little for them to lose. The odds were for them—it was expected that they'd succeed.

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