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   Chapter 1213 Walked Out Of The Airport Through The VIP Gateway

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After going through all the necessary formalities, Dave was allowed to meet Stuart. And since this wasn't the first time that he had been detained, Stuart remained calm and told Dave about the whole story.

Without going into the details, he told Dave that he had quarreled with someone but that all his words had been recorded and used as evidence. After hearing this, Dave assumed that it was nothing serious and thought that he would be able to immediately bail Stuart out.

Just then, he spotted Earl Wei and hurriedly went over to him. "Mr. Wei, I want to bail my client out."

Earl sneered at Dave. "Sorry, sir. Your client is guilty of a felony, so he can't be released on bail."

Dave, of course, was shocked to hear that. "Felony? What felony did he commit? Didn't he just quarrel with someone?"

To explain the situation to Dave, Earl asked him to follow him to his office. There, he took a seat in front of his computer and retrieved the audio file from the recorder that Linda had given to him. Then, he printed out a transcript of the audio file and handed it to Dave. "Here is the record of their conversation. You can take a look at it."

Dave was stunned when he saw Stuart's threatening words on the paper. "Hope that your body will remain intact after your death."

It was obvious to him that Stuart had uttered these aggressive words for the mere purpose of threatening the person he had been quarreling with. However, the police had indicated on the audio file that Stuart had threatened that he would murder this person and dismember his dead body. After reading these remarks, Dave was flabbergasted.

With great anger, he explained, "Mr. Wei, what my client said was just out of anger. He didn't really mean it. Please don't take his words seriously!"

Earl made a show of thoughtfully stroking his chin and casually asked, "Then, what do you think he meant?"

Hearing this question, Dave fell silent, feeling embarrassed. No matter how he tried to spin it, Stuart's words only had one meaning: that he wanted to tear that person's body into pieces.

Still, rolling his eyes, Dave clarified, "My client was using hyperbole in this sentence. As we all know, hyperbole is a common form of speech. What he was really trying to say is that he would teach that man a lesson."

Earl remained calm upon hearing Dave's explanation. Then, picking up another stack of documents from his office desk, he questioned, "Oh? Are you sure? But he also asked some men from a gang for help. How would you explain that?"

"Men from a gang?" Dave was shocked to find out that men from a gang had also been involved in this dispute. Stuart had merely mentioned that he had asked some of his friends for a favor to keep up appearances.

Earl retrieved Dan's records from his computer. As he pointed at the computer screen, he said, "This man is Dan. He is a member of HQ Gang. According to our records, he has

, but you're asking me to admit my guilt for a reprieve? Damn it! I won't admit anything."

Dave made every effort to keep his temper. Without any expression on his face, he responded in a calm voice, "Then, you'd better talk with your father yourself." After finishing his sentence, he picked up his briefcase and quickly walked out of the interrogation room.

Stuart furiously stormed back to the detention room. While he was seething with his head lowered, he suddenly felt some people maliciously gazing at him. As he sensed these gazes, he involuntarily felt scared and nervous.

Raising his head, he saw a few strong and tattooed men who stayed with him in the same detention room sizing him up with their evil and lustful eyes. At last, these men's gazes fixed on his crotch area.

Stuart could not help but shudder and swallow hard in fear. He immediately got up and pounded on the door, yelling, "Mr. Lin, Mr. Lin, please help me get out of here. Mr. Lin, please! Please come back here!"

In the meantime, Charles had boarded the plane back to SH City with Linda. He was, of course, planning to hold Stuart and the gangsters accountable for what they had done to him. He had already recorded written statements of all the people who had witnessed Stuart and the gangsters' threatening and submitted these statements to the police station. He was confident that with this evidence in hand, the police would make a fair judgment on these men's crimes.

In the end, Dave failed to win the lawsuit. As a result, Stuart was sentenced to five years in prison. In Charles's eyes, he fully deserved this punishment for insulting Linda. Charles never took pity on any of his rivals.

As for now, the plane that Charles and Linda were on finally landed in the airport of SH City in the early morning. Charles deeply inhaled the fresh air before he held Linda by her hand. Then, they walked out of the airport together through the VIP gateway.

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