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   Chapter 1212 Where Is My Client

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After hearing where these people came from, Stuart was startled and immediately realized why Charles was so confident. It seemed that Charles had a prominent background.

Not one to be outdone, Stuart assumed a defiant expression on his face. 'He might have a prominent background, but I come from a wealthy family too.

I'm not scared of him. He can't do anything to me. He told the policemen that I'm a gangster and that I paid these men to kill him. But he has no proof of that! We didn't take out any weapons or hurt him. Besides, the lawyers of the Hua Clan are powerful and professional. They can easily deal with this for me.

Moreover, I have no business arrangements with the Internet Association of BJ City, Zeus Industrial International and the Mu's Group, so I have no reason to be afraid.

Our country adheres to the legal system. Since Charles has no proof to back his words up, so there's no way he can do anything to me, ' Stuart thought, comforting himself.

As he told himself these things, he didn't realize that his attitude had changed from offense to defense.

One of the police officers broke the silence. "Mr. Hua, Mr. Mu is accusing you of threatening him. He said that you hired these gang members to hurt him. Is that true?" he asked.

Stuart quickly shook his head and denied it. "No, no, no, police officer, I think you must have made a mistake. I'm the successor of the Hua Clan and a law-abiding citizen. I'll never break the law. Trust me."

On the other side, the other police officer asked Dan and his two men to show their ID cards. When he saw Dan's ID card, he found Dan's name familiar for some reason. He immediately made a phone call to his colleague and asked him to check if Dan had a record.

"Dan has seven criminal records," came the voice on the other end of the line. Earl hung up the phone and said to Stuart, "I'm sorry. I need you and these three people to come to the police station with me."

Hearing his words, Stuart looked a little scared and quickly replied, "Can you just tell me why? I want to understand."

Earl looked at Dan and said, "Your criminal records are thicker than a dictionary. I have reason to suspect that you really threatened Mr. Mu. We need to have a talk."

Dan smiled and threw the cigarette butt away. "Hey, man, I don't deny that I've done

ever thought that Charles and Linda would be carrying such a thing while playing golf.

Having heard enough, Earl turned off the recorder and nodded firmly at Charles. Then, he took Stuart, Dan, and the two other men back to the police station. As Stuart walked away, he shot Charles a menacing glare, as if he wanted to chop Charles into pieces.

But Charles took no notice of Stuart and turned around with a smile to continue playing golf.

Meanwhile, Dave Lin received a phone call from Stuart. Dave Lin was a lawyer who had worked for the Hua Clan for many years. He was the one who had always cleaned up after Stuart's mess.

Now, after hearing about the situation, he hurried to the police station. As he drove his car, he cursed Stuart in his heart. He didn't know why a powerful clan like the Hua Clan had a son like Stuart.

Stuart had done nothing but stir up trouble since his childhood. And yet, he had never been ashamed of himself or felt sorry about anything he had done. In fact, he would certainly make the same mistakes again.

When Stuart was in high school, he had kept harassing a girl to have sex with him. When the girl's parents had found about it, they had come over and nearly killed him. After that case, Stuart had been exceptionally quiet for a while. But the good times didn't last. Soon after, he had gotten involved in a fight and gone to the police station.

As soon as Dave Lin arrived at the police station, he told the police who he was. "I'm Stuart's lawyer. Where is my client? I want to see him," he said.

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