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   Chapter 1211 Unknowingly Gazed At Charles For A Few More Seconds

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Stuart was still angry with Dan for speaking so rudely to him at first. Even now, Dan was smiling at him after learning about his family background, but he still had a sullen expression on his face. Although Stuart felt irritated by Dan, he nodded slowly. After all, some help was better than no help.

After getting an affirmative answer from Stuart, Dan walked toward Charles, followed by the other two men dressed in black suits. The men standing behind Charles were appalled to see the hooligan-like men approaching them.

"Did you annoy that Master of the Hua Clan?" Dan asked casually once he was standing right in front of Charles.

Worried that Charles would get hurt, Linda tugged at the corner of his coat in an attempt to pull him back a little, but Charles stood his ground and questioned back, "Who are you?"

Dan forced a wry smile and took out a cigarette. As soon as he turned his head to one side, one of the men behind him got out a lighter and lit the cigarette for him.

Dan took a drag of his cigarette before he responded, "We're from the HQ Gang of BJ City. Our leader is Tavon. My name is Dan. Well, you still look very young, so you probably didn't know any better. Considering that, we can forgive you for your mistake. But there is one condition. Go there and say sorry to Mr. Hua. We won't give you any trouble after that."

A faint smile appeared on Charles's face. "Apologize? What if I don't? Will you kill me?"

A sinister smile took over Dan's face upon hearing Charles's questions. With a vicious expression on his face, he replied, "Oh, no. We have always been law-abiding citizens. But BJ City is a very big place. You never know when you might have an accident or get shot. None of us can be certain what will happen to you if you refuse to say sorry to the Master of the Hua Clan."

Charles sneered at Dan's implicit threats. He didn't believe that the HQ Gang would dare to lay their hands on him. In the past few years, BJ City's police force had severely cracked down on the underworld forces, and almost all the violent gangs in BJ City had been eradicated. The few gangs that were left had gradually rid themselves of the accusations against them. Now, they didn't dare to offend the government rashly.

Fights still occurred among themselves, but most of them arose from internal conflicts. The police usually turned a blind eye to these internal fights. Instead of dispatching considerable police forces to deal with these internal conflicts, they just silently observed the situation.

All in all, these men still took the risk of breaking the law without fearing the police in some situations. However, Charles firmly believed that HQ Gang wouldn't risk their lives just to handle a trivial

and strong, asked seriously while taking out a small notebook out of his briefcase.

"It was me," Charles blurted out, because he didn't want to put the golf club in a dilemma. There were many customers on the golf course, and Charles hoped that the business of the club wouldn't be negatively and indirectly impacted because of him. "Sir, we were just playing golf when these men disturbed us without any reason. They even threatened my personal safety."

The policeman cast a glance at Charles before switching his attention to Stuart and the other men, who looked extremely evil. Having served as a policeman for over a decade, he immediately guessed what had happened among these men after just a short observation.

He flashed his police badge at everyone and said, "I am Earl Wei, a policeman from the Public Security Bureau of BJ City. Please show me your ID cards."

Except for Charles, everyone present showed their ID cards to the police. Unfortunately, Charles hadn't brought his ID card with him. Seeing that Charles was standing there without showing his ID card, the policeman threw another glance at him. Seeing this, Randy Zhao guessed that Charles didn't have his ID card with him, so he hurriedly said, "Sir, I am Randy Zhao, the Honorary Chairman of the Internet Association of BJ City. This is Charles Mu, the CEO of the Mu's Group of SH City."

The other man behind Charles stepped forward and added, "Sir, I can also vouch that Mr. Mu is a law-abiding citizen."

Linda, of course, stepped forward as well and stated, "Sir, I am Linda, the CEO of Zeus Industrial International and Mr. Mu's wife. I can vouch that Mr. Mu is a lawful citizen as well."

Earl Wei furrowed his eyebrows when he saw so many people vouching for Charles. With this, he unknowingly gazed at Charles for a few more seconds.

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