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   Chapter 1210 It Was Too Humiliating

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Stuart, of course, couldn't accept the situation, so he gritted his teeth and said to Charles with a cruel expression on his face, "All right. You will soon regret this!"

Then, he went to Harper. "You, call Tavon Cai as soon as possible. Tell him that I'm having some trouble now and need him to come here for help. In exchange, he can ask me for whatever he needs."

Harper was both surprised and terrified. "Master Stuart, Tavon and his friends aren't nice people. It's better if we don't form any sort of acquaintance with them. Once we do, it will be difficult to cut ties with them."

Stuart replied with a ferocious expression, "Shit! Why are you talking so much? Just contact him as I said! If I don't ask them for help, can you handle this situation for me? Damn it! All of you are a waste of space!"

Harper lowed his head and replied sheepishly, "Yes, Master Stuart, I'll contact him right now."

Once Harper had walked away and started to make the call, Stuart turned to Charles and gave him a cruel smile. "I'm going to show you something soon. Don't wet your pants in fear!"

Charles didn't bother to speak to this clown. Why should he be afraid of the Hua Clan? Linda had told him that the Hua Clan had lost its power inside the country. In fact, many of the clan members' friends and acquaintances had tried to get as far away from them as possible. As for outside the country, the Hua Clan only held 50 million dollars' worth of assets. With such a low amount of wealth, the clan's influence probably wouldn't reach even beyond China Town.

If anything, the members of the Hua Clan should be humble. But Stuart was pretending like he was a big shot and he was refusing to let Charles go.

He was nothing but a sore loser.

In fact, Charles didn't even feel angry at Stuart. He just felt embarrassed on behalf of him.

Both Charles and Linda didn't give Stuart so much as a glance after that. Charles just focused on the game and walked back to his own position. Previously, his performance hadn't been bad; the ball had been less than a hundred yards from the hole.

After placing the ball in position, Charles took the golf club from the caddie. He took a deep breath to relax, and then swung the golf club.

The little white ball flew and landed on the putting green, and then quickly rolled to the white flag.

It rolled about seven or eight yards before a sound was heard. The ball had fallen into

ll have to talk to Mr. Cai by yourself," he said nonchalantly.

The truth was, Stuart didn't actually want to do anything to hurt Charles here as Charles had his bodyguards here too. Moreover, this was a public place.

And yet, he didn't want to let Charles and Linda go just like that. He had been humiliated a lot today, so he wouldn't be able to rest if he didn't get his revenge.

Now, he was even more annoyed that a guy from the HQ Gang dared to speak to him so rudely.

Before he could explode in anger, Harper came over to Dan and told him about who Stuart was, suggesting that he should be a little polite to Stuart. After having been with Stuart for so long, Harper knew his temper very well.

After hearing Harper's words, Dan actually talked to Stuart politely. "Oh, you're Master Stuart? Are those the people who have offended you?"

Stuart was from a big clan and had never come into contact with people from gangs like the HQ Gang. Although his clan had had connections with gangs in the past, they had already moved to a rich neighborhood where the environment and security were much better.

It was only in recent years after Stuart had started to deal with some of the business of his clan that he had come into contact with a few gang members. Nevertheless, he had never had the need to get close to them. Until now, his father had let him deal mainly with international trading in order to protect him. Moreover, his father had especially asked him to keep away from such sinister people.

In his father's eyes, it was really humiliating for the Hua Clan to be in contact with such people.

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