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   Chapter 1208 Play A 9-hole Round

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While driving, Harper stealthily cast a glance at Stuart through the rear-view mirror. He was the cleverest guy among the loafers who followed Stuart around and got along very well with him. But Stuart was just a narcissistic playboy who treated his followers like slaves. He would vent his anger on these men whenever he lost his temper. Therefore, Harper was always cautious and discreet in front of Stuart.

"Young Master, it seems that you're in a bad mood. Did someone annoy you? You can tell us. We'll teach that person a lesson," Harper said with feigned indignation.

Stuart had studied in elite schools since he was a little kid. And since he had been born into a rich, prestigious, and powerful family, he had always been followed by a group of people who seemed to exist just to fawn over him.

Although the Hua Clan had become less powerful in recent years, it was still wealthy. Hence, his family had gotten used to solving any problem that Stuart stirred up with money. This had turned Stuart into a spoiled and bossy playboy.

The truth was, although Stuart hated Charles, the man that Nancy obviously admired, the anger he felt toward him was nothing compared to the anger he felt because of the way Hogan and Nancy looked down on him.

Of course, he was no fool. Deep down in his mind, he knew that he wasn't powerful enough to offend the Luo Clan. So, he wanted to vent all his anger and frustration on Charles instead.

Recollecting how he had been insulted and humiliated at the banquet hall, Stuart ordered with a long face, "Harper, I met a bastard tonight at the banquet. After you get home, investigate his background and find out who on earth he is. I want to kill him."

Harper nodded obediently, but in his mind, he muttered to himself, 'The only reason we follow you around is because we want to make some quick and easy money. Do you really think that we will do anything, and even die, for you?

You're so stupid!'

Charles didn't rush back to SH City that night. Instead, he and Linda spent the night at the Hilton Hotel, where Nancy was staying.

Since the three of them all stayed in the same hotel, they headed back together after the banquet was over.

Today, Nancy's hair was big and wavy with bangs falling over her forehead. However, it seemed that her hairstylist hadn't done a good job as her bangs had started to become frizzy and ruffled. She felt so bothered by it that she fished a hair tie out of her bag. As she ran her fingers through her hair and tied it up into a ponytail, she said, "Linda, that secretary seemed to have a thing for you. What do you think of him? Is he the kind of man you would like to date?"

Linda had pretended to be cordial with the secretary the whole night, so much so that the muscles on her face felt sore now. While rubbing her face, she replied, "You just want me to break up with Ch

ome rich and generous golfers, her income would be much higher. Sometimes, she might even earn 10, 000 to 20, 000 dollars over a period of just two or three days.

However, these "generous" people usually had dirty intentions. Stuart was no exception.

Although Amelia knew what was going on in Stuart's head, she wasn't stupid enough to offend him. Hence, she replied with a bright smile, "Mr. Hua, you are a very gifted golf player. You will be capable of playing golf at this course after taking a few more classes to practice your skills."

Stuart casually replied with a smile, "Amelia, I've told you many times to call me by my first name. I think that I've practiced enough. And there's fine weather today. Shall we go to the golf course to play a round?"

Stuart had coveted Amelia for her beauty for a long time, but Amelia had always been indifferent to him. By now, Stuart had spent tens of thousands of dollars in paying for her coaching and buying gifts for her. But Amelia still gave him the cold shoulder whenever he tried to get closer to her.

He was slowly starting to get impatient. After all, he had already spent a lot of money on her, and besides, he had suffered a lot recently. In a sense, he could understand why both Hogan and Nancy had been indifferent to him. But now, even a humble golf coach dared to treat him indifferently. When Stuart thought of this, he became enraged. 'Do you think of me as a stupid and illiterate upstart?'

Amelia hesitated about whether to accompany him to the golf course or not. But after noticing that Stuart looked angry and grumpy, she agreed in spite of her reluctance. After all, she didn't want to lose this key customer. Slowly, she replied, "Okay... Stuart, shall we play a 9-hole round of golf?"

Throwing a lustful glance at Amelia's sexy and slender figure, Stuart mumbled to himself, 'Play 9-hole? I would rather play with you tonight.'

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