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   Chapter 1207 Let's Go

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Stuart's father had specially paid a visit to Halsey Hua, Stuart's grandfather, to talk about Stuart's engagement with Nancy for the sake of Stuart and the future development of the Hua Clan.

In the beginning, Halsey hadn't wanted to be bothered about the engagement that he had jokingly agreed upon with Hogan a long time ago. But his son had tried every means to persuade him. In the end, at the risk of disgracing himself, he had found a middleman to talk with Hogan about the engagement.

Before the middleman had approached him, Hogan had completely forgotten that he had jokingly reached an agreement with Halsey about the engagement 20 years ago. In view of his current high status and prestige, Hogan couldn't afford to go back on his words. Thus, he had gone to Nancy and talked to her about the engagement. To his surprise, Nancy had resolutely rejected the engagement without any hesitation.

After all, Stuart hadn't left a favorable impression on her upon his return from the United States.

Hogan had done his best to persuade Nancy to try dating Stuart. He had even assured her that he would figure out a suitable way to decline the engagement if she found that Stuart wasn't the right person for her.

However, Nancy had always been a tough girl in spite of her gentle demeanor on the outside. Despite her father's repeated persuasion, she hadn't yielded to his wishes. As a result, Nancy and her father were currently on unfriendly terms.

Nancy had been spoiled a lot by her family since she was a little kid. But now, her father and her uncle were trying to force her to date Stuart, a stupid man that she disliked, against her wishes. It made her feel aggrieved and disappointed, and she couldn't help thinking that her family members didn't love her anymore. She had been so angry and depressed that she had gone to the United States. That was when she had met Charles for the first time.

Now, Charles threw a disdainful glance at Stuart without saying anything, while Hogan had nearly been driven crazy by the stupid and muddle-headed Stuart.

Hogan's horizons weren't as broad as Charles, who had engaged in the business circle for many years, traveled to different parts of the world, and met and dealt with people from different walks of life. Although Hogan was a little narrow-minded after working within the rigorous and closed government system for many years, Charles's words had really enlightened him.

As a member of the Overseas Economic and Trade Commission, Hogan was not only from an aristocratic family, but was also up-to-date about insider information regarding private negotiations.

Hogan was particularly active and interested in this anti-dumping investigatio

fawning over him as usual. "Young Master, didn't you say that you would take us somewhere to broaden our horizons? Shall we go there now?"

Stuart, who was still in a bad mood after being insulted, became more furious upon seeing these kiss-ups. Right after hearing the questions, he retorted in an angry voice, "Go to hell! Stay away from me!"

All his "friends" were stunned and looked at each other with a puzzled expression. One of them was tall and bald, but looked stupid. He grumbled, "We waited for you here for a long time, but now, you're asking us to leave. I still want to go to an entertainment club nearby to flirt and play with the girls there."

Stuart, who had held his temper for quite a long time at the banquet, raised his head and gave the bald man a slap on his mouth upon hearing his words. The bald man stood in a daze for a few moments, covering his face with his hand out of disbelief and pain.

"Play with girls at a nearby entertainment club? Why don't you entertain yourself here? Harper, bring the car here. Let's go!"

These loafers had been bought and taken advantage of by Stuart. The Hua Clan was still engaged in the financial circle and had connections with gangs. In the meantime, it was also running two trade companies that primarily embarked on international trade.

At present, the Hua Clan planned to enter BJ City's real estate industry. As the sole descendant of the Hua Clan, Stuart had enough money to spend on these loafers. These men didn't work to earn money, so they financially relied on Stuart, who liked being fawned over by them all day long.

A short while later, Harper and one of the loafers brought the cars. Stuart got into the Porsche car driven by Harper, while all the other loafers got into the Chevrolet car. Then, both cars sped away.

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