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   Chapter 1206 What The Hua Clan Aimed To Achieve

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The young man who was talking with Hogan was Mr. Hua. After hearing the young man's words, Charles unconsciously sniffed with a disdainful look on his face and said, "Nonsense!"

Mr. Hua was infuriated upon hearing this word. When he looked back, he found that this rude interruption had come from a young man dressed in a black formal suit. All of a sudden, anger nearly consumed him.

"Who are you talking about?" Mr. Hua asked while ferociously glaring at Charles.

Hogan frowned seeing Charles being so blunt. "Mr. Mu, what's the matter with you?"

Even Nancy, who was standing nearby, threw a glance at Charles when she overheard their conversation. Like her father, she was also shocked by how forthright Charles was being. Fearing that her father would be annoyed by Charles, she hurriedly explained, "Father, I think Charles might have something to talk about with you. Perhaps he could help you with the anti-dumping investigation. And Charles, this is Stuart Hua. Both of our families were neighbors when we were little kids."

Charles sneered inwardly after hearing Nancy's introduction. Judging by how this young man looked at Nancy, Charles could clearly see that he had dirty thoughts about Nancy. Without replying to Stuart Hua, he said to Hogan, "Mr. Luo, if the domestic companies concerned in this anti-dumping investigation don't respond to the American government's prosecution, they will be absolutely punished by paying high anti-dumping taxes. Then, domestic companies will be completely banned from exporting related products to the United States. Only if the companies involved in the anti-dumping respond to the prosecution will they stop making a big deal out of nothing."

Stuart Hua arrogantly sniffed at Charles. "Respond to the prosecution? That's easy to say. Many of the owners of domestic companies are illiterate upstarts who don't even recognize most words. Do you think that they know how to file a lawsuit? Do you know how much it will cost for a lawyer? Who the hell are you? Just shut your mouth if you are unclear about the situation, in order not to embarrass yourself."

In spite of Stuart Hua's mocking, Charles maintain his composure and continued with a smile, "Mr. Luo, apart from our country, many other countries also implement export rebate policies. In fact, these policies are executed in most countries of the world, including the United States. As for the anti-dumping investigation..."

Charles paused for a while and cast a sideways glance at Stuart Hua before continuing. "It seems someone has forgotten where he was born after going abroad. Thus, he insists that the foreign government couldn't have committed any fraud. Anyway, he prefers everything abroad."

"You..." Stuart Hua was so angry at Charles's accusation that he stammered and shot Charles a

a nobody, but he's daring to brag here. Don't be fooled by him."

Overwhelmed with mixed emotions, Hogan glanced sideways at Stuart Hua, who was standing beside him. Like Charles, Hogan disliked Stuart since he had no talent at all. However, Hogan and Stuart's grandfather were good friends. When Nancy and Stuart had been kids, Hogan and Stuart's grandfather had jokingly agreed to get both of them married. Many years had passed since then. All of them had forgotten this ridiculous agreement, including Stuart's grandfather.

But earlier this year, Stuart had come back from abroad and visited his grandfather. Coincidentally, he had run into Nancy, who was already famous all over the world. He had been smitten with her at once. Afterward, he had begged his father to talk to Nancy's family about getting them married.

By then, his grandfather had been retired for many years. Besides, most of Stuart's family members had migrated overseas a long time ago and didn't have any interest in domestic matters. However, Stuart's father was still in BJ City and boasted himself as a member of a top domestic clan and cast his greedy eyes on many things.

When Stuart had asked his father for a favor, his father had suddenly recollected the oral agreement which had been made when both Stuart and Nancy had still been kids. Although the engagement had been a mere joke, Stuart's father had been determined to persuade Hogan to acknowledge the engagement, because it was the heyday of development for the Luo Clan, whereas the Hua Clan had been declining. Stuart's father had decided to make every effort to facilitate the engagement even if it put him in an embarrassing position. In his eyes, this was a rare chance for the Hua Clan to continue making substantial achievements in the political circle as they had before.

This was just what the Hua Clan aimed to achieve.

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