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Nancy felt her heart skip a beat when her father asked her the question. Of course, she knew that Charles and Linda were a couple, but for reasons she couldn't understand, she answered her father with a lie. "Well...he seems to be her cousin."

Hogan simply nodded without questioning Nancy closely. Right now, he was totally engrossed in his thoughts about the latest controversial anti-dumping investigation, so he didn't pay too much attention to Nancy's words.

At the end of Matt's speech, Hogan was invited to say a few words. Although he wanted to reject the invitation, he didn't want to disgrace himself in public, so he went up and delivered a short speech.

After that, the banquet formally began. From the moment Nancy had set eyes on Charles, she had been waiting for an opportunity to approach him. Seeing that her father and a few of his colleagues were busy talking to several American officials, she toddled over to Charles and Linda while slightly lifting up the hem of her long evening dress.

As she looked at Linda, she recalled how she had answered her father's question, and felt a little guilty. "What a coincidence meeting the two of you here! Linda, you look so beautiful today."

Linda stared at Nancy for quite a long while in silence without responding to her. At the sight of Linda's indifference to her, Nancy was worried that Linda might have overheard her lie to her father. But soon enough, Linda smiled and shook hands with Nancy. "Miss Luo, nice to meet you again. It's indeed a coincidence!"

At the same time, Charles offered Nancy a handshake. "Miss Luo, aren't you busy with your acting in Hollywood? I can't believe that you even have the time to come back to our country."

Nancy cast a glance at Linda as she was afraid of being misunderstood. Once she confirmed that Linda didn't look hostile or jealous at all, she reached out her hand to shake Charles's. "I've been invited to act in a domestic film. If I remember correctly, a company called TC Film Corporation is producing this film."

Charles was shocked to hear that Nancy was acting in a film that was being produced by the film and TV animation subsidiary of the Mu's Group.

Although Linda was graceful, generous, and open-minded, she involuntarily felt a little jealous when she saw Charles and Nancy still holding hands. Thus, she let out a small cough to hint to the two of them. It was then that Nancy pulled her hand away from Charles's in spite of her reluctance.

Zack, as the first secretary of the consulate general, had to walk around to greet and talk with the guests, but he couldn't help glancing at Linda from time to time.

When he saw Nancy walking toward Linda, he was dazed by the fact that the two ladies were acquainted wi

herefore, they submitted a proposal to the parliament and made a request for levying high anti-dumping taxes on various domestic products. It's a very irrational proposal, so the domestic government has appointed me to communicate with the American party to solve this problem."

Charles didn't comment on the American government's actions. He asked, "Mr. Luo, I think you must have found the perfect countermeasure. Am I right?"

Instead of answering Charles's question, Hogan forced a smile. Coincidentally, someone else came to talk to Hogan at that moment. After politely bidding Charles goodbye, Hogan turned around and walked away.

However, Charles was still lost in thought about anti-dumping. The American government had levied anti-dumping taxes on domestic exports several times. And lately, frequent disputes had been occurring between the two countries with respect to product dumping.

Owing to the special traits of internet enterprises, Charles had successfully evaded the anti-dumping taxes twice. But this time, he was not sure if he could be so lucky to evade the taxes again. If he was unlucky, he would have to pay penalty tariffs that could be anywhere from 20% to 70%. Under those circumstances, it would be impossible for him to profit from foreign trade.

Charles looked around and saw Hogan standing far away and talking to a young man with tight eyebrows. When it came to foreign trade, Charles knew that Hogan was the key figure that could help him, since he was in charge of overseas economic affairs and trade. With this thought in mind, Charles badly wanted to develop and maintain personal ties with Hogan. To this end, he asked Linda to find Nancy and talk to her. In the meantime, Charles quietly went over to where Hogan was standing and listened to what he was talking with that young man about.

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