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   Chapter 1204 He Is Really Bright-eyed And Bushy-tailed

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After the stylist finished putting on make-up for Linda, Linda's cheeks were lit up, making her face look smaller. The light pink color around her eyes made her look like a little girl.

Charles gave her a thumbs up and flattered her. "Very good. Sweetheart, with this makeup, you're the most beautiful woman in the world!"

Linda rolled her eyes at Charles. "Go away. Can't you be serious?" But after that, she held Charles's arm and charmingly said, "Let's go."

Charles felt his arm slightly brush against Linda's breast, and the softness of her skin immediately turned him on. But since Linda didn't seem to notice it, he controlled himself and quickly got into the car.

The car was driven fast and they reached their destination, the party venue in the consulate area, in no time. At the entrance stood two guards who were wearing suits and sunglasses and checking the invitations of the guests one by one.

Charles took out two invitations from his pocket and showed them, and then smoothly entered the banquet hall with Linda.

The consulate had invited many people from the political and business circles to this party and had arranged a buffet for them.

On the second floor of the venue, there was a man standing and gazing at the entrance. When he saw Charles walk in, he was stunned.

He had just sent out the invitations this morning, so he clearly remembered Michelle, one of the leaders of the Democratic Party, telling him that a Chinese entrepreneur with a high reputation would attend the party. He had a feeling that Charles must be that Chinese entrepreneur. And yet, Charles looked much younger and inexperienced than he had imagined. Moreover, Charles had brought a woman with him.

When the man's eyes fell on Linda, he couldn't stop staring at her.

Linda looked really gorgeous today. She had been working out a lot, so her body was in perfect shape. Moreover, she was wearing a luxurious custom-made dress from Armani which, paired with the jewelry around her neck and her wrists, made her look elegant and graceful.

The man who was staring at Linda from the second floor was Zack Wu. He was 29 years old, single, and from the family of a diplomat. His grandfather had been the deputy minister of foreign affairs before he had retired. So, as young as he was, Zack Wu had been given the position of the first secretary of the Consulate

eople feel that they'd been seen by her no matter which direction she was looking in.

There were many young people at the banquet hall, and most of them felt their hearts beat faster when Nancy's gaze swept over them.

Nancy, on the other hand, was feeling bored when suddenly, she sensed a familiar gaze on her body. She turned her head and looked around carefully before finally spotting Charles Mu.

After Charles's farewell in the US, she had often thought about him for no reason. Now, seeing him again, she felt surprised and joyful. Her face flushed instantly and she was so glad that she almost jumped high.

Noticing the change in his daughter's expression, Hogan Luo asked her in a low voice, "Nancy, what is going on?"

Nancy tried to hide her emotions and answered in a hurry, "Nothing... Nothing. I just saw a friend of mine."

Hearing Nancy's words, Hogan Luo raised his eyebrow with interest. "Oh? Where is your friend?"

Nancy was a little shy to mention Charles to her father, so she averted her gaze to Linda instead. "There she is. That is Linda Xia, who I mentioned to you about last time. She's also attending the banquet today."

Hogan Luo followed his daughter's gaze and saw her graceful friend, Linda, as well as the young man who was standing beside her.

Both Charles and Linda were attracting a lot of attention. After all, with the help of the professional stylist, they really stood out among the crowd.

Hogan Luo asked his daughter in a low voice, "Who is the young man beside Linda Xia? He looks really bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!"

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