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   Chapter 1203 Banquet

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"Oh, boss, this is so kind of you. Thank you!" Floyd smiled happily as he reached out for the cash from Charles.

Charles shook his head. "I'm giving you this money in advance for your work. But I won't be so kind to you if you fail to show me any desirable results after I return from my business trip."

When Wiseman had gone to pick Floyd up, Charles had contacted the several students of Q University that Wiseman had found by phone. Wiseman had already introduced these students to Charles, so after answering Charles's phone call, these students had rushed to the Mu's Group in a hurry.

Wiseman brought the students to the meeting room, where Charles and Floyd were waiting for them. Wiseman pointed at Floyd and introduced him. "Guys, this is Floyd Zhang, the Chief Architect of Dragon Hover, the portal website we are going to build. Today, we've specially assembled you here so that you can get to know one another."

After finishing his words, Wiseman winked at Floyd, hinting him to take over.

Prior to the arrival of these students, Floyd and Charles had reached an agreement with each other that Floyd would talk to these students as their leader. After all, Floyd was the one who would manage these students in the future. Charles thought that it would be more difficult for Floyd to make these students listen to him at work if he excessively meddled with their conversations.

Although this was the first time that Floyd was hearing the name of the portal website, he found it very fitting and familiar. Thus, he had applauded in agreement without hesitation as soon as Charles had announced that the portal website was going to be called Dragon Hover.

Then, Floyd nodded with a smile and introduced himself. "Hello, everyone! My name is Floyd Zhang. Nice to meet you."

He displayed a smile and an honest expression on his chubby face as he shook hands with these young students one by one.

The first of these young students was Drake Liu, a bold guy, who stepped forward to shake hands with Floyd and make a self-introduction as soon as Floyd finished his words. Then, all the other students followed Drake's example and introduced themselves to Floyd in succession. At this moment, they were still wondering what on earth a chief architect had to do.

Floyd was very easygoing. As he had negotiated with Charles, he said, "All of you are outstanding students of Q University, and it is my honor to know you. I believe that all of you know that we are about to do something v

ant chose a formal suit for Charles, and only the length of his trousers had to be slightly altered.

It took a little more time to pick out a formal evening dress for Linda, since there was a far more diverse collection for women's clothing. In addition, women took pleasure in trying on clothes, and Linda was no different. As a result, she spent more than an hour in selecting an evening dress. She didn't find a dress that she was satisfied with until about four o'clock in the afternoon.

At last, she chose a black sleeveless evening dress that looked elegant in spite of its simple design. It was a perfect choice for wearing to a banquet.

In addition, the shop also provided services such as jewelry matching and supporting image design. A young girl styled Charles's hair for the night. She removed the hair that was growing on the sides of his face, applied some hair wax to keep his hair in place, and then shaved his extra eyebrow hairs. Finally, she helped him put on a matching tie.

After dressing Charles up, the young girl started doing makeup for Linda. Of course, it took much more time to dress Linda up. About an hour later when Linda showed up, Charles's eyes immediately lit up with admiration and affection.

Linda, who had a perfect figure, looked even more beautiful and attractive dressed in this short black dress.

The young girl had given Linda both a simple hairstyle and simple make-up for the night. At first glance, with her distinctive facial features and a high nose bridge, Linda looked graceful like a Western lady. However, when observed more closely and carefully, she looked more like a gentle and elegant Oriental lady.

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