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   Chapter 1202 Stay Here For Ten Days At Least

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9760

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Unexpectedly, Charles said in a resolute voice, "At present, there are hundreds of millions of internet users in our country, so I estimate that our web portal will attract tens of millions of users at least. By that time, our revenue from online advertising will inevitably be ten times or even a hundred times higher than that of traditional revenue channels."

Floyd couldn't believe what Charles had just said. In fact, he started to wonder whether Charles was crazy. They hadn't even started writing the code for their portal website yet, but Charles was already confident that the website would have tens of millions of users. In comparison, Floyd couldn't even confidently say that his forum, SoLong, would have so many users.

Charles held up five fingers as he continued, "Our portal website will have more than 50 million users within five months after it is formally launched online. This is the expected number of users of our portal website."

Floyd shook his head and replied, "I think that's impossible. You know what? At present, even Xina Corporation has no more than 50 million users, and it has been running its portal website for almost three years. Our portal website hasn't even taken shape yet. How will it be possible for us to have more users than them within five months?"

A faint smile appeared on Charles's face. "Okay, let's make a bet on this. I will give you another 1% of the shares if our portal website doesn't have more than 50 million users within 5 months after its formal launch. And if it does, I won't take back the 1% of shares that I've promised to you, but you will have to keep a promise to me."

Floyd couldn't believe that Charles was making a bet where both outcomes would benefit him. There had to be some catch. He immediately asked, "What promise will I have to keep? Please tell me."

Looking out through the window, Charles said in a calm tone, "I will acquire your forum, SoLong, if you lose the bet."

Floyd had never imagined that Charles would even want his forum. Without a doubt, Floyd was emotionally attached to SoLong, which he had founded on his own. But Floyd was very clear about how much his forum was worth. He was confused about why Charles was equating its worth to 1% of the shares of the new internet company.

Even now, after finding out that he might have to give up his forum, Floyd still thought that this deal was a win-win for him. He would benefit considerably from it. Although he had no idea about what Charles planned to do with his forum, he thought that it wouldn't be a bad thing if his forum could be merged with the new internet company. After weighing the pros and cons, he agreed to strike this deal with Charles.

Throughout the fast development of the Mu's Group and its subsidiaries, Charles had owned a growing amount of capital. By now, he possessed a large amount of wealth and assets.

Charles was, of course, hap

loyd could complain, Charles continued, "Afterward, I'm going on a business trip. After I come back from my trip, I will go to Mountain City with you, with the prototype of the portal website that you would have developed. Since you are a newcomer to the company, I think you should report for duty with something important, or else it will be hard for you to convince the staff of the company to accept you as a manager."

Upon hearing Charles's words, Floyd was nearly enraged and immediately retorted, "But I've spent the whole day packing..."

Before Floyd could finish speaking, Charles hung up the phone. Right after that conversation, Charles asked Wiseman to go and pick Floyd up from the train station. Before going to the train station, Wiseman informed Floyd about the license plate number of the car he drove. Seeing that Wiseman had come to pick him up in Charles's car, Floyd was stunned.

When Floyd arrived at the Mu's Group, it was seven o'clock at night. As soon as he stepped into Charles's office and saw Charles, he asked, "Boss, you will reimburse my train ticket, right?"

Upon hearing this question from Floyd, Charles didn't know whether to laugh or cry. At last, he answered, "Yes, I will. You can give the invoice to the accountant. And then, they will directly transfer the money to your payroll card."

With a hesitant expression on his face, Floyd said, "Boss, could you please give me some cash first? You demanded that I directly come here from the train station, so I came, but I've spent all my cash on buying a train ticket. Look at me! I haven't changed at all since morning. So, I will have to go and buy some new clothes tomorrow morning."

Shocked and at a loss for words, Charles took 20, 000 dollars of cash out of his bag and handed it to Floyd. "I've paid this month's salary and travel expenses to you in advance. Don't waste a single penny. You will have to stay here for ten days at least."

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