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   Chapter 1201 Suffer A Devastating Loss

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Floyd didn't know what the new evaluation system was at all. But since Charles had said that they would be given special training about the evaluation, Floyd didn't question him closely.

As Charles had said, the year-end bonus would be as high as 10 months of salary. Apart from the large-scale internet enterprises right at the top, very few enterprises in the internet industry, and even in general, granted such a high bonus.

But Floyd didn't care much about his salary. He wouldn't have agreed to work for Charles if he had only wished to earn more money. After all, his earnings from running his forum, SoLong, was undoubtedly higher than the salary of an ordinary employee, because his forum had already obtained the first-round financing.

Now that he knew about his salary and bonus, Floyd still wanted to confirm a few other things. "I've heard that leading internet companies give their employees some share options. How about your company?"

Charles smiled. "I didn't think that you would ask me this question."

Floyd felt rather embarrassed upon hearing Charles's reply, so he lowered his head and started playing with his fingers, feeling at a loss. Staring at the embarrassed expression on Floyd's face, Charles continued, "Take it easy! I can understand what you are thinking. In fact, I've planned to offer certain options to the management, including the current management team of Info Newspaper. The managerial personnel will get different amounts of shares depending on their contributions to the company. For the time being, 15% of the shares of the new internet company will be spared for creating an option pool. Before the company is listed, these shares will be still held by the company. But once the company is listed, the employees can sell their options, which will be redeemed by the company at market prices."

Floyd's eyes widened when he heard that the management would have the chance to possess options. "Then, how many options can I get?"

Charles calmly took a sip of tea after hearing Floyd's question. Then, he said, "In our company, there will be management and technical posts for employees. Level 10 will be the highest grade of both posts, but the minimum level of management posts will be Level 5. And the lowest level of technical posts will be Level 1. You are going to be put in a Level 8 management post. You will be given some shares apart from the year-end bonus based on the evaluation results every year. After four years of employment, you would possibly get more than 20, 000 shares."

Floyd was a little disappointed after hearing that he would be granted just over 20, 000 shares after working in the company for four years. To the best of his knowledge, Charles had priced the stock price at one dollar per share. Calculating at this unit price, Floyd found that the shares he would hold would be worth only 200, 000 dollars even if their value increased tenfold in the sto

nd out among domestic games as long as it is perfectly designed with stunning features. I firmly believe that such a game will become popular among many users."

Charles involuntarily furrowed his brows. "But if our game is royalty-free, we will lose a very crucial source of revenue."

Displaying a mysterious smile, Floyd explained, "We can introduce fee-charging items into the game. For instance, players will have to spend money to buy props, equipment, or models. Once we accumulate many users, we can find more sources of revenue."

It was only then that Charles was completely certain that Floyd was the person he had been looking for. In his opinion, it would be a great pity if someone like Floyd, who was so insightful and far-sighted about the internet, didn't engage in the internet industry.

Hence, Charles nodded in agreement without hesitation. "Okay. I agree with you!"

Floyd thought that he had heard wrong, so he stared at Charles with a puzzled look on his face and waited for Charles to elaborate. Looking at the confusion on Floyd's face, Charles repeated, "I agree to promote your free game. In addition, we can make free email accounts and cloud drives available to our users. All the basic services of our website will be available free of charge."

Floyd was flustered to hear this. "All the basic services will be free? Then, how can we make profits?"

"Advertisements," replied Charles in a calm voice. Then, he continued, "For a portal website, advertising is the most feasible way to make profits."

Floyd was stunned by Charles's answer. "Advertisements? Who will trust our website enough to advertise on it? Right now, we are still conceiving the portal, and we have no idea about how many users our portal will have. So, I think it is still too early to make a rash decision to concentrate on profiting from advertising. Our company will suffer a devastating loss if everything doesn't progress as we imagine."

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