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   Chapter 1199 Build Online Communities

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 10570

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Now, it was late November in SH City, so the climate was no longer stifling hot. Instead, it was humid and always drizzling.

After staying in Mountain City for some days, both Charles and Linda missed the wet weather in SH City. So as soon as they arrived in SH City and got off the plane, they felt refreshed. Although Linda had been favorably impressed by the air of Mountain City which was always filled with the smell of hotpot that she liked, she had begun to miss the damp air in SH City a few days later during her stay in Mountain City.

As soon as Charles and Linda reached the Mu Clan's villa, Charles's phone began ringing, not giving him time to have even a few minutes of rest. The phone call was from Wiseman, who told Charles that Mr. Zhang was waiting at the Mu's Group for the interview. Since Charles had just arrived in SH City without taking a rest, Wiseman had made this phone call to ask Charles if he should ask the interviewee to leave now and come back the next day for the interview.

However, Charles immediately turned down Wiseman's offer. "No, just ask him to wait there for some more time. I'm going to take a shower first, and then I will rush to the company right away. You go and talk to him first."

Charles went to the bathroom and found that while he had been talking on the phone, Linda had already filled the bathtub with water for him. She was so considerate that she had even selected clothes for him to change into after taking a bath. He couldn't help but feel a rush of love for her. Soon, Charles stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in nothing but a towel. Then, he put on the casual Armani suit that Linda had picked out for him and then drove straight to the company.

During the foundation construction for the Mu's Group, the construction workers had dug a huge rare stone out of the earth. Using this stone, a designer had made an artificial rockery in front of the hall on the first floor, as well as a fountain to go along with it.

Water gushed down along the lush artificial rockery like a waterfall. As the bright sunlight shone upon the artificial rockery, the whole landscape looked beautiful, like a garden.

Seeing that Charles had arrived, Wiseman hurriedly stood up from his chair and introduced the interviewee to him. "Mr. Zhang, this is Charles Mu, the CEO of the Mu's Group. Boss, this is Floyd Zhang."

Floyd Zhang immediately stood up as well. With a slight bow, he reached out and shook Charles's hand. "Mr. Mu, it's nice to meet you. I've heard of your illustrious name for a long time. I am Floyd Zhang."

With a smile, Charles replied, "Nice to meet you too, Mr. Zhang. Thank you for your compliment."

Floyd Zhang looked a little shy talking to this young man who was, in fact, the CEO of the Mu's Group. "You're welcome. You know what? The company where I work is using software from Creator Networks. And this week, Info Newspaper reported their exclusive interview of you. It was after watching their interview that I came to know that you were the one who developed the software that I had been using for so long."

"The software wasn't developed by me. I know very little

and replied, "Mr. Mu, it would be my pleasure to join you, but..." Although Floyd had no hesitation about joining, he wasn't clear about how to handle the situation he was in. The one thing he knew for sure was that this was an opportunity that he might never get again.

Charles waved his hand as he said, "But what? Just tell me frankly."

Face flushed with embarrassment, Floyd said, "But what should I do with my forum SoLong? Also, may I know what my duties and responsibilities will be after joining your team?"

Instead of directly answering Floyd Zhang's questions, Charles asked, "What do you think of building a portal for Info Newspaper? I would like to hear your opinions and ideas. What will you do if you are going to build this portal?"

Floyd was simultaneously filled with a sense of hope and uneasiness. After thinking for a few moments, he slowly replied, "Mr. Mu, the word 'portal' means gate, so a web portal is literally the gate of the internet. Since it is a gate, I think we ought to follow Google's lead and focus our attention on search services. In this way, it would be easier for us to run the portal well."

Deep down in his mind, Charles admired this man with a technology background for his deep insight into the issue. In fact, he shared the same opinion as Floyd in this respect, so he nodded in agreement. "Hmm. Do you have any other ideas?"

Judging by Floyd's facial expressions, Charles could easily discern that the shy man in front of him had become confident now that he was speaking about a subject that he liked and was familiar with. Soon after hearing Charles's question, Floyd replied, "You've chosen to acquire Info Newspaper to build a portal. I think what must have appealed to you is its content and audience. For the new portal, we can attract new users with content. I'm not worried about the content at all, because Info Newspaper has innate advantages in this area. So now, what we have to consider is how to retain users. To this end, I think that we have to build an online community for our portal in addition to providing search services."

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