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   Chapter 1198 Interview

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"Mr. Zhang, can your friend really help my son apply to a famous American university? I know that universities like Harvard University and Yale University are the top universities in the world. But I will be very glad and grateful if my son can be admitted to any one of the top 100 American universities."

Right from the beginning, Harold hadn't been optimistic about his son's chances of getting accepted by a famous American university, because right now, his son was just studying in an ordinary university and his academic performance was mediocre. He had long concluded that in view of his son's situation, it would be difficult for him to get admitted to an ordinary American university, let alone a famous one. So now, after hearing Kent mention that his friend could help Ged get admitted to one of those universities, Harold suddenly looked hopeful.

Moreover, Harold was not quite rich. He thought that, at most, he could afford his son's tuition fees at a famous American university. As for the rest of his expenses while studying abroad, his son would have to be thrifty. Harold had also thought about asking his son to apply for scholarships or working part time to earn some pocket money.

Kent nodded in response. "Please rest assured. My friend has strong personal ties in the United States. As long as your son is willing to go and study in the United States, arranging it won't be a problem. On the other hand, if he is reluctant to study abroad, I can assure you that my friend will arrange a position for him in his company after his graduation. But I would like to say that it won't be a management post, at least not right at the beginning. I don't think you will be too impatient when it comes to his growth or success, right?"

It was beyond doubt that Harold was tempted by the benefits that Kent had promised. Harold could easily infer that Kent's friends must surely be successful as well. However, he still wanted to confirm his thoughts, so he asked, "May I know the name of the company where your friend works?"

Charles had predicted that Harold would not readily believe Kent's words, so he had given Kent his business card to pass to Harold. Now, right after hearing Harold's question, Kent took Charles's business card out of his pocket and showed it to him. "My friend is Charles, the CEO of the Mu's Group in SH City."

Looking at the sleek black and white gold-edged business card, Harold was stunned. "Is he...the founder of Creator Networks? The young master of the Mu Clan?"

Kent nodded with a smile. Upon getting an affirmative answer from Kent, Harold agreed to transfer 8% of his shares without hesitation. Less than half an hour later, Kent and Harold entered into the share transfer agreement.

Staring at the agreement in his hand, Kent smiled helplessly. He thought that he should have negotiated with this man earlier in Charles's name.

After the conclusion of the share transfer agreement, he immediately started another round of negotiation and successfully got 5% of the shares of Info Newspaper from the Propaganda Department of Mountain City, on the condition that they would promote partnership between Mountain City and New York.

The shares obtained would be held by Zeus Industrial International, a company under Linda's administration. Of course, the money for acquiring the shares had come from Charles, who had just asked Kent to negotiate the deals in his name.

s of Info Newspaper, that they had transferred a total amount of 13% of the shares to a company named Zeus Industrial International.

The two substantial shareholders had also reported to the management of Info Newspaper that their share transfer had been approved by Kent, who had invested in the company. Then, the management of Info Newspaper had been told that Kent had entered into an agreement to transfer his entire 49% shares of Info Newspaper to Charles. So, Charles actually held 62% of the shares of the company.

To Watkins's surprise, Charles had acted quickly and efficiently. The whole management team of Info Newspaper was clear that Zeus Industrial International, in essence, was under Charles's control.

Now that Charles held enough shares to qualify as the absolute controlling shareholder of Info Newspaper, the management team represented by Jethro had no choice but to agree to transfer their shares to Charles on the premise that they would still hold the options. Charles agreed to the request of the management team.

With so many shares, Charles had become the new owner of Info Newspaper, and the company was now under his absolute control.

After becoming the absolute controlling shareholder of Info Newspaper, Charles transferred the 13% shares acquired from the Propaganda Department and the Science and Technology Association to Linda, mainly for the purpose of evading future policy risks.

Now, what Charles had to do next was to put a competent person in charge of building the web portal.

Of course, Charles had considered assigning Watkins or Jethro to perform this duty, but in the end, he had decided that both of these men wouldn't fit the role.

Charles thought that Jethro was too ambitious with many complicated thoughts. In his eyes, Jethro would be competent for editing the content of the web portal but unsuitable for administering the portal project in spite of his great ambitions. On the other hand, there was Watkins. Charles knew that he was good at communications and operations, but he felt that Watkins was not the right person for taking charge of building the web portal.

With this in mind, Charles returned to SH City again with Linda by plane. There was a young man waiting to be interviewed by him in their company.

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