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   Chapter 1197 The Attractive Offer

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7781

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It seemed like the Science and Technology Association managed by Harold was just a civil society organization in Mountain City. But in fact, big organizations like the Science and Technology Association would certainly have some links with the local government.

And compared to the real governmental sector, the Propaganda Department in Mountain City, it would be easier to deal with the Science and Technology Association. The Science and Technology Association held 26% of the equity of Info Newspaper. It wouldn't be a big deal for it to sell 7% or 8% of the equity. If Charles could persuade Harold to say yes, then the other problems would be resolved, too.

In order to achieve his goal, Charles had made a quality offer to Harold. He had promised Harold that he would guide Ged onto a better path so that he could have a good life.

Harold thought that his son was a little lazy, unambitious, and unsophisticated, so he was always worried about his son's future. He didn't know whether his son could survive on his own after he died, so he had found Charles' offer very attractive.

In fact, insecurity ran deep in most families in the country and, consciously or unconsciously, the parents tended to instill it in their children. They worried about whether their children could survive in a complex society and often communicated a sense of life's precariousness to their children.

One of the shareholders of the Mu's Group, who was ten years older than Charles, was a very rich man. With his returns on shares, bonuses, and other income, this senior executive had amassed a fortune of over 100 million dollars. He also owned many houses in BJ City and SH City.

These sources of income and assets were enough to provide him and his family their dream life.

However, his sense of insecurity never left him, so he tried his best to work hard and try out new things, including investing, financing, and other programs. Of course, he stayed cautious and didn't take high risks, but he knew it was important to keep trying to grow his wealth all the same. In his eyes, if he began to lag behind others, it would be almost impossible to catch up again.

His attitude of "hustling" also affected the ordinary employees in the firm. Some of them had no ambition and just lived in the present.

But after seeing h

finish my words. I think you will change your mind after hearing my words."

Harold scratched his head and nodded reluctantly, "Okay, let's hear it."

"My offer is 5 million for 8% of the equity of Info Newspaper. What do you think?" Kent asked seriously.

Harold was shocked to hear these words. 'What? 5 million? I don't think I'm hearing this right, ' he thought. Last year, the Science and Technology Association had gotten 3 million from the newspaper with 26% of equity. But now, Kent was offering 5 million for just 8% of the equity.

Harold had to admit that he found Kent's offer tempting. Moreover, Kent didn't want to purchase all of the equity. He was just asking for 8% of it. But Harold didn't understand why Kent was making such a generous offer. It was a risk on his part to pay such a huge price for such a low percentage of equity.

Kent noticed that Harold's resolution began to stagger. "I've heard that your son wants to study abroad. I know that he is an excellent student. My friend Charles has always valued talented people. So if you accept this deal, Charles will help your son to apply to a famous American university. He will give your son letters of reference from a few famous professors. What do you think of that?" he added.

Harold's heart began to beat very fast when he heard these words. If Kent and Charles could help his son to apply to a famous university, his son might have a bright future after graduation.

After thinking for a moment, Harold finally looked at Kent and broke the tense silence.

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