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   Chapter 1195 Don't You Think This Is Too Annoying

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Updated: 2019-11-20 00:12

Charles asked curiously, "You're helping them promote their business? How do you do that?"

Ged laughed and gestured at the area around him. "Take this restaurant, for instance. You can see that it's busy with a lot of customers even though its location is not that good."

Charles looked around carefully and realized that Ged was right. The restaurant was so packed that there were people waiting in line to be seated.

"It's actually pretty easy. I have an agreement with the school newspaper editors. I regularly write articles for them about good restaurants around our school that not many people know about. The articles more or less go like this: 'By chance, I found a restaurant that not many people know about, and it turns out that it serves delicious food. Their special dish is especially great. It smells good and tastes wonderful, much better than the restaurants we normally go to.' In conclusion, I introduced and promoted the local food culture."

As Charles listened to Ged's explanation, he nodded his head in understanding.

Ged continued, "This method of promotion is much better than handing out flyers. After reading my articles, many students want to check out the restaurants I've mentioned. In fact, all the restaurants around our college have become popular because of what I'm doing."

Charles was surprised. "But you can't possibly make so much money just by promoting the few restaurants around your college."

"Who told you that I only promoted the few restaurants around my college? There are so many small restaurants in JF Stela and GY Bridge areas, and around other colleges. I promote all of these restaurants," Ged said with a smile.

"But that is too many restaurants! How do you handle all of that by yourself?" Charles asked.

"Of course I can't handle it by myself. After a while, I started hiring people to help me. First, I came to an agreement with all the college newspapers. Then, I hired a few students from different colleges who specialize in writing articles like this. So, I have people helping me in almost all the colleges in Mountain City. After paying everyone I've hired, I still make at least five to six thousand dollars a month. Sometimes, I can even earn ten thousand if the business is good," Ged said proudly with his head raised.

Hearing his story, Charles felt a bit shocked. Although this guy looked kind of silly, he'd come up with really good ideas and he was good at doing business. Plus, his leadership skills were

been cheated by him."

Ged nodded his head seriously. "Yes, you're right. Both of you have been cheated by me!"

Kari Lu punched him on his stomach so hard that he started to cough.

Without bothering to take so much as a glance at Ged, she continued with gritted teeth, "Willa is my roommate. We both met Ged because of a college activity. In the beginning, I thought that Ged was nice and thoughtful. Soon after that activity, he started pursuing both Willa and me, but we didn't know that. He seemed to be a good guy, so we both agreed to be his girlfriend. It was only later that we found out he was two-timing! He was just pretending to be a good guy. He's really evil!"

Linda, who was feeling more curious, eagerly asked, "What happened after that?"

"After discovering the truth, both Willa and I wanted to break up with him. I've always been good friends with Willa but at that time, we almost had a quarrel because of him. However, we had a long conversation and we both realized that neither of us was in the wrong. We'd just fallen for the wrong guy. So, we decided to break up with him. But then, he started to beg me to stay and promised me that he would only date me. I couldn't help it, so I agreed to be his girlfriend again. But I never realized..."

Kari Lu paused and glared at Ged, who lowered his head in fear. "I never realized that he'd done the same thing to Willa! When I found out, I confronted him about it again. And this bad guy actually answered without any shame that he'd meant that he would only have the two of us as his girlfriends and that he definitely wouldn't have a third one! Don't you think this is too annoying?"

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