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   Chapter 1193 Don't Act Like A Rich Man

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9415

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It was after five o'clock in the afternoon and students were walking out of the gate in groups after class. There were so many of them passing by that soon, a small crowd swarmed around the cab.

Charles didn't want to be misunderstood or stir up more trouble, so he patted Dragon on his shoulder and motioned for him to loosen his hold on the cab driver's head.

To his surprise, the driver behaved just like a ruffian. As soon as Dragon let go of him, he fell onto the ground as if he had been pushed. Then, acting as if he was severely injured, he loudly grumbled that Dragon had beaten him and asked Charles to compensate him for his injury.

Linda really couldn't stand it anymore, so she took Charles by the hand and turned around to leave. She found it unbelievable that this man was even lying on the ground in an attempt to extort money. Anyway, she believed that in such a modern society governed by law, it was impossible for him to get what he wanted. As far as Linda was concerned, if the cab driver liked lying on the ground, it was none of her business.

Noticing that his passengers were about to walk away, the driver realized that it was useless for him to continue lying there. He immediately stood up from the ground to stop Charles and Linda. "The two of you didn't pay the cab fare and even asked your man to beat me. There are so many witnesses here! You will have no chance to escape."

In spite of her great anger, Linda couldn't help bursting into laughter before she retorted, "You only drove us from the downtown of Mountain City to this business school, but the fare is 220 dollars! Do you still deny that you took detours? And now, you're even faking an injury to extort more money from us."

The driver stretched out his arms and stopped them. "I've driven so far to bring you here. What proof do you have that I took detours?"

Since he and Linda were well-known public figures, Charles felt embarrassed to teach this man a lesson in the presence of so many onlookers. He found himself in a dilemma on how to handle the current situation. As he was lost in thought about what to do next, a tall and thin onlooker stepped out of the crowd.

Pointing his index finger at the driver, he said in a local accent, "You took detours because you thought they're not locals of Mountain City. Now, you're even trying to blackmail them. You're humiliating all the citizens of our city." After finishing his words, the student turned to face Charles and Linda before he continued, "Don't worry. You can file a complaint with the Transportation Management Office against him. All of us here will be your witnesses."

Charles nodded with a smile, suddenly showing an interest in this student.

The driver might be afraid of being beaten up by Dragon, but he was not scared of this stude

saw a paunchy man in his thirties wearing a pair of sunglasses and standing next to a BMW car parked far away. At the moment, he was waving to Willa.

Willa's face bloomed like a flower as she smiled and waved back to him. Then, that man got into his car and drove away.

At this sight, both Charles and Linda shook their heads out of pity for Ged. What had just happened in front of them was like a scene out of a TV drama, where a female student abandoning her poor boyfriend from university and being enticed by a rich middle-aged man was a common trope.

But as Charles and Linda thought further about it, they found the situation strange. After all, Ged's family wasn't poor at all. His father served as the president of the Science and Technology Association.

Ged was still standing in a daze, rooted to the spot. "Willa, you...and him..."

Staring at Ged, Willa impatiently retorted, "What are you trying to say? He is my boyfriend."

"He is so old! Willa, you need to think clearly," Ged retorted as he recovered from his daze.

"He is not old at all. He's only in his thirties, okay? Anyway, I don't want to talk to you anymore. It's not like you're going to understand anything I say." With that, Willa turned around to leave.

Charles found it really hard to stand there in silence. Seeing that the girl was leaving, he casually reminded her, "Hey, young girl. Be careful and don't get cheated. Did you see that man's BMW car? It must be older than your father. It doesn't cost much to buy a secondhand car that old. A little more than 100, 000 dollars can get you a car like that."

Willa jumped up with great anger like a cat whose tail had been trampled. "Who the hell are you? It's none of your business. You're saying that his car is old? Think about yourself! You don't even own a car like that. Don't act like a rich man. Stay away from me!"

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