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   Chapter 1192 A Fraudulent Driver

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 11788

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Kent did not quite agree with Charles' explanation, so he clarified, "Which rivals of Info Newspaper are you targeting? Do you want to compete with Xina Corporation and Network Art Corporation right after building the portal? I don't think that's possible."

Charles shook his head in disagreement. "Of course not. I never bite off more than I can chew." After a moment's pause, he continued, "Well, have you heard about Universal Dimension Networks?"

Kent thought over it for a while before answering, "Did you mean the company affiliated to Universal Dimension Group? I've heard that this company specializes in localizing all the in-game assets or software. Early last year, I had planned to negotiate with them. I even submitted a copy of my project proposal to their office but later on, I found out that Universal Dimension Group was not interested in my project. I was told that a very big and wealthy company like them would not trouble themselves over such small matters."

As soon as Kent finished his speech, Charles responded, "As of this moment, Universal Dimension Networks is already working on building its own portal. They are already in the initial stages of pretesting, so it is safe to say that their portal had already taken shape."

Kent, who was shocked to hear this piece of news from Charles, shook his head in disbelief. "What? Are they as crazy as you?" he asked incredulously.

Charles explained with a serious face, "Universal Dimension Network is now prioritizing the development of its own portal. The one overseeing its development is Damon Qin, an IT expert who graduated from the top national university and had been hired by Lenovo for a period. Have you heard about the software called Chinese Star? That software was developed by him."

Blood suddenly rushed to Kent's face. He had been living in BJ City, the same city where Damon Qin worked, but he had never heard about this talented and outstanding man before. Furthermore, the portal of Universal Dimension Networks had begun to take shape but Kent had known nothing about it. To add insult to injury, he had been informed of this piece of news by Charles, the man he had looked down upon. Kent was ashamed of himself, because Charles who lived in another city was more knowledgeable about the situation of the local companies in BJ City than himself.

Amidst his feelings of shame, Kent started admiring Charles for his efforts. Without doubt, Charles must have spent a significant amount of time and energy just to keep himself updated with the situation of different sectors, or else he could not have been informed about the situation in BJ City.

Looking at Kent who seemed to be lost in thought, Charles continued, "Previously, I had also considered partnering with Universal Dimension Group, but as you mentioned, this group is unwilling to cooperate with other companies, just because they take unnecessary pride in being big and wealthy. I even dispatched Wiseman to talk to the boss of Universal Dimension Group about a proposed partnership, but all his efforts were wasted on the deaf ears of that group. Besides, I am not that inclined to meddle with Universal Dimension Group. It is because..." Charles paused in search of the right words before continuing, "Its situation is too complicated."

Kent, who was dazed by Charles' last words, thoughtfully stared at Charles.

Discerning Kent's confused look, Charles continued, "For the time being, BAT generally dominates the market within the internet industry.

willing to pay 140 dollars to the taxi driver as tip if the taxi driver had provided them with a good service. Money was never an issue to Charles, but in view of this taxi driver's malpractice, Charles thought that the driver did not deserve a tip.

Dragon, who had been secretly following Charles and Linda, was always nearby to protect them. At that moment, he was about to walk over to them and teach the taxi driver a lesson, but he was also stopped by Charles who gestured at him using his eyes. Afterwards, Charles walked closer to the driver and said, "Sir, you've gone too far. You made lots of detours, but we didn't complain to you. The amount we've paid you is larger than the normal fare. Don't go too far and ask for trouble."

The driver clenched a lit cigarette between two fingers. Upon hearing Charles's warning, he glared and said, "Did you say that I made detours? I've traveled a long distance just to drive you two here. Now, I have to drive back without a passenger. Don't you need to pay me for my return trip?"

Charles couldn't help bursting into laughter upon hearing the taxi driver's request. This was the first time that a taxi driver had asked him to pay for the return trip. In particular, he was wondering why such a fraudulent driver could survive in Mountain City, which was renowned for its ill-tempered citizens.

Seeing that the taxi driver was reluctant to concede and admit his fault, Linda stepped forward, in an attempt to reason with him, but Charles stopped her as he said, "Linda, just stand there to watch a good show. I will handle it by myself. Sir, you will have to suffer the consequences if you remain so stubborn. Leave us as soon as possible before I lose my temper, or else I won't treat you so nicely."

To Charles's surprise, the taxi driver disregarded all his warnings. Instead, he grumbled, "You son of a bitch! I would teach you a painful lesson right here!" As soon as the taxi driver uttered these dirty words, he lifted both of his arms in an attempt to jostle Charles.

Dragon had been secretly keeping a close eye on what was happening. He would not let anyone threaten the safety of Charles and Linda. At the sight of the taxi driver's move, he showed up in front of Charles in a flash. Immediately, he held the taxi driver's head and pressed it against the hood of the taxi.

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